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Au Pair questions

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TomboyFemme Fri 06-Jan-17 23:25:17

I'm looking into au pairs at the moment as I think it would be the childcare option that suits us best, in terms of affordability and flexibility.

I'm the single parent of a 5yo, and will be working 3-4 days a week, needing between 15 and 21 hours of childcare (not entirely sure what my hours will be yet). I will also need childcare in the school holidays and would like evening baby sitting too.

If the AP was just doing the school run and perhaps giving dd dinner in a normal week would it be ok to ask her to do more during the school hols?

If I asked for e.g. 15 hours plus the 1 or 2 evenings babysitting (where dd would be mainly in bed, and tbh I can't see me using these every week, itd just be nice to have the option!) a week normally and then 3 full days during the school hols and maybe to be paid extra if I asked her to do any babysitting during those weeks? Does that sound reasonable? I'm not sure how flexible you can be with hours?

I would ask her to give the house a quick hoover a couple of times a week as well as clean up after herself when she's cooked whether for herself or dd, other than that I wouldn't expect any housework.

Also, what happens during the holidays? Presumably they will want Christmas off and some weeks here and there, so do you just agree in advance and have to take annual leave/sort other childcare?

Regarding their room, do they need a tv or is my Netflix password sufficient (presumably most have their own laptop or tablet)? Obviously I'd give them the Netflix pasword either way! And is a single bed ok?

I was thinking I'd pay £60 a week plus a citywide travel pass which is £53 a month so they could get around. I'd also maybe give them £10 a month towards credit and a sim card and basic phone if they needed it? How does that sound? Any babysitting above and beyond usual hours would be paid at £5 an hour, which is what I pay my current teenage babysitter. I should say I'm oop norf.

Lonecatwithkitten Sat 07-Jan-17 07:31:09

Extra during holidays is normal fine ( I have had 5 APs), but your pay is way too low I feel. Up until June I was paying £85 per week, £10 per month on mobile phone, free access to car and a double room with own bathroom. That was to do school run, about 15 hours per week, 1 hours ironing and 2 hours cleaning a week and the child was a relatively independent 11 year old.

lovelynannytobe Sat 07-Jan-17 09:42:21

Your pay is way too low. I was paying my au pair £65 per week 11 years ago.
Tbh I'd get a second hand tv for their room so they can watch it if they want to.
Payment in holiday should be more for whatever is above 25 hours ...

lovelynannytobe Sat 07-Jan-17 09:56:16

Just looking at your package again ... if you only need 20 hours of childcare and have one child it will not be the most affordable childcare solution. If you pay the going rate now which is between 80-90/week plus travel pass and sim allowance that's already over £400/month without food ... if you allow food that will bring you up to over £500/month there are other costs of having at pair ... more heating, any trips you take her on (she's meant to be a part of your family) etc. Tbh with so much money you're better off finding a flexible childminder, keeping your babysitter for when you need a night out and you'll still have money left over and no inconvenience of having a young adult living with you. I've had a number of au pairs and it was a bit of hit and miss. Some were amazing and still keep in touch but others I've had to let go as they were not a good fit for our family in one way or another...

TomboyFemme Sat 07-Jan-17 10:14:41

Thanks both

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