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Channel 4 need family looking for a nanny

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GemmaCAvalon Wed 21-Feb-07 16:14:20


Channel 4 are making a new family entertainment show for Sunday evenings and are looking for a family with 3 or more children who need a Nanny. We will find a selection of highly qualified Nannies to look after your children over the summer and at the end of the run your children will decide which Nanny they would like to keep.

We want this to be a fun summer for everyone involved and to find you the perfect Nanny, if you would like to know more please contact Gemma on



nannynick Wed 21-Feb-07 18:40:44

Do you get to keep the nanny for Free?

NbgsYellowFeathers Wed 21-Feb-07 18:42:32

OOooooo if I can have a free nanny at the end, I'll do it.
Only have 2 children but if you count my dh that makes 3

Ladymuck Wed 21-Feb-07 18:45:43

Would be rather nervous to see why this would be "entertainment" for someone else to view?

edam Wed 21-Feb-07 18:59:34

I think you should put this in the 'media/non member requests' section.

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