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What is my best childcare solution?

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GarrulousGrimoire Mon 02-Jan-17 21:48:22

Hoping you can help as at the moment it's all a bit hotch potch!

I work 4 days per week 2 days from home 2 days away. Have 2 school age children, 1 play school age who can go school hours from next September.

Day 1 - 9-12 baby goes to playgroup then mum has her until others come home. I use afterschool until 4.30.

Day 2 - nightmare as I WFH with baby from 12-5.30 (older kids in afterschool until 5.30) isn't ideal as I don't get enough done

Day 3+4 baby goes to a nursery 7.30-6.30 but it's a 15m drive from school. No afterschool so older 2 have a childminder until 6, 20m drive from nursery and can go to Breakfast club from 7.30

However on the days I travel (varies) I can be away 6.30am - 8pm so my mum has to cover and she's getting tired!!

I am single.

Can't use childminder for baby as she has no space and is the only one who offers pick up from our school. Ditto no full time nursery local to school or consistent afterschool provision (and they wonder why they are undersubscribed hmm )

I do have space for someone to live with me, own room/bathroom.

Currently spend about £263 per week all told and get about £50 tax credits but that will probably stop in March.

Spending a fortune and still having to mess parents about! So before I jack my job in a brush up my CV can you help??

yoowhoo Mon 02-Jan-17 23:24:39

Is your mum still happy to help for one day a week? Could she continue her normal day? Then you could hire a nanny for 2.5 days a week, which would mean your work from home day will be half child free (you could even plan so that nanny works until nap time so you even get until the baby wakes. Then last two days nanny for all 3 ? At £10 per hour that's still only £250 per week which is cheaper. (Not sure what area you are in mind, the going rate by me is between £8 and £12 depending on experience!) Live in would be cheaper again and might mean you can afford to give your mum a break too!

GarrulousGrimoire Tue 03-Jan-17 00:13:49

She's happy to do the day per week yes thank you.

With a PT nanny do I have to be their employer and do pensions/ car / tax/ sick leave etc? Makes me a little nervous.

How do you find a nanny? And what's the live in difference?

Soooo many questions grin

Cindy34 Tue 03-Jan-17 08:29:37

Yes, you would need to do payroll for a part time nanny. Companies like and can help. Lots of useful information on their websites, have a read.

Tax-Free Childcare starts sometime this year, that may help towards the cost though you could not claim tax credits as well. Once you have established costs of whatever childcare solution you go for, you can use the childcare calculator to see if tax credits or tax free childcare is better for you given your circumstances.

aaupair Thu 05-Jan-17 10:41:58

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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