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Help. Non payment to ofsted they want to cancel my registration

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Raereggie Sat 17-Dec-16 17:40:40

I have just got home and received a letter saying they are terminating my registration because of non payment of the £35 yearly fee!!

I have not received any invoice or anything chasing it up. I have had no calls. No emails from them nothing just an email saying they are going to cancel my registration. Anything wih ofsted I pay straight away. I am crapping myself I don't want them to take away my registration this is my lovely hood. I have paid the invoice using the details they have put in the letter and sent them an email. I have tried to call but they only work Monday to Friday. Is anyone else had this what did they do??????

Saucery Sat 17-Dec-16 17:42:42

Ok, if they only work Mon-Fri then they aren't going to action any cancellation before then. I'm sure you will be able to speak to someone on Mon and they will be able to see you have paid.

BunnyBunnyMooseMoose Sat 17-Dec-16 20:22:55

Ofsted are the most disorganised bunch of idiots I've ever had to deal with. Don't panic, if you call them on Monday they will sort it out, especially if you've paid the fee. Make sure you check they have the right address for you, write down who you speak to (name and time) and ask for a follow up email.

luckylou Sat 17-Dec-16 21:19:40

Exactly the same thing happened to me - I didn't receive an invoice, just that letter telling me they intended to cancel my registration.

Don't worry, they haven't cancelled your membership yet and now that you've paid they won't.

Phone them as soon as you can on Monday to confirm this. And as Bunny says, take the name of the person you speak to and ask for written confirmation

Raereggie Sat 17-Dec-16 21:53:13

Thanks all. I have just spoke to my sister and they done the same with her. I'm not AS worries as earlier. Couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the letter I literally cried x

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