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CM club: can you check out my new website please!

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smeeinit Sat 17-Feb-07 10:00:57

im in the process of setting up a website,its pretty basic but can you all let me know what you think and sign the guest book!
thanks people!
my website

saltire Sat 17-Feb-07 10:12:03

Very good. Liked your sample menus, and the layout is good as well.
All my parents bring food, because they didn't want to pay the £1.50 per day extra for me to feed their child.
Where do you live, because i am moving there if that's what you charge for your hourl rate. Is that the average then for your area? If i tried to charge that much then i'd get no business

smeeinit Sat 17-Feb-07 10:14:01

thanks saltire! im in st albans area and yes my hourly rate is the norm around here! infact its the lower end of the scale!

saltire Sat 17-Feb-07 10:16:03

The lower end In my part of Fife, the average hourly rate is £3.50 per hour, and many of the CM's who charge that don't get many mindees.

smeeinit Sat 17-Feb-07 10:22:21

you need to move to the south east!! then again cost of living is higher here so swings and roundabouts i suppose!! i know people in st albans charging £5.25 p/h!

dmo Sat 17-Feb-07 10:46:25

hi great website the only thing i would change is to take your reg number off the website and just give it to parents unpon enrolment
tax credits just phoned yesterday and asked if i had a child x i said no and they had been claiming for 2yrs

smeeinit Sat 17-Feb-07 10:49:05

blimey dmo?!!! that is terrible! where did they get your details from?!!!
thanks for letting me know!
p.s.........hows ww this wk?!!

dmo Sat 17-Feb-07 11:01:03

not sure where they got my details but it makes me cross
ww not doing this week it was dh b/day on wed so went out for dinner (3 courses), then went out thurs to see ricky gervas and had a chinese, then went out last night for dinner (well boys are at their nanas so got to make the most of it )
boys back today so i'm going to be a saint again
you you doing?

Tan1959 Sat 17-Feb-07 11:13:37

Great website I just added a message on your guestbook about advertising your Reg No! justmy opinion though

smeeinit Sat 17-Feb-07 11:22:02

thanks people, reg number now taken off.

smeeinit Sat 17-Feb-07 11:22:55

dmo sounds like a gr8 wk you been having!
not too bad for me this week,altho out 4 lunch and tea today!!!

dmo Sat 17-Feb-07 11:25:11

oh well enjoy yourself diet tomorrow

mykidzrmyworld Sat 17-Feb-07 20:03:19

your website is great-especially as its free! I had to pay for mine so well done and hope it gets u lots of business - I had another enquiry through my website today so it does help!

mumlove Sat 17-Feb-07 20:27:30

Excellent website, Just the right amount of info on there for the parents to start with.

Did you know that you missed Monday off of your menu plan.

StrawberrySnowflakes Sat 17-Feb-07 21:02:01

yeah i thought that bout monday?..maybe you dont mind mondays?..but fab site..WELL DONE!

smeeinit Sun 18-Feb-07 00:05:00

thanks people! yeah dont know what happened to monday???!!! never did like mondays anyway!

nally Sun 18-Feb-07 00:17:38

I live in the wrong area! Average fee for Chelmsford is between £3 and £4.50 per hour. I charge £3 per hour for full-time and £3.50 per hour for part-time. I feel cheeky asking for more because, for some families, it would not be worth them going to work if they had to spend so much on childcare. Maybe I should not worry about that too much and just ask for more? Any thoughts????

NurseyJo Sun 18-Feb-07 00:28:44

Message withdrawn

nally Sun 18-Feb-07 00:40:17

If you use one of those free websites, is it easily accessible to the outside world...? If I googled it, would it appear?

NurseyJo Sun 18-Feb-07 00:42:10

Message withdrawn

smeeinit Sun 18-Feb-07 15:11:40

im not too sure if it shows up on a google search.will let you know in couple of months!!
yes jo i did mean to have capitals for twinkle and toes.
thanks everyone for looking and leaving comments,has really helped.
i think it should look better now with a few adjustments? let me know.....................

SlightlyMadScientist Mon 19-Feb-07 20:09:59

If you want it to show on a google search you have to tell google its there. Thats true for all websites - don't see why it should matter if it free.

SlightlyMadScientist Mon 19-Feb-07 20:11:55

Or at least you can tell google its there. It will find it eventually but you have to have it linked (in and out) for the robots to track it. I am just going to try and find the links you need but I am expecting a takeaway any time so if they don't appear immediately that will be why...

SlightlyMadScientist Mon 19-Feb-07 20:18:18


list of other sites and how to register - I havn't bothered with many of these - just the ones I have heard of

nannynick Mon 19-Feb-07 20:42:37

Regarding Google, googlebot will hunt out sites by following links from other sites. So try to get as many other sites (those sites should have related content) to link to yours. Google has already indexed your thread on the Nanny Share board - however, in that thread you didn't include a link to your website, so may be worth adding it in, so on googlebots next visit it can crawl over to your website. It will take time to be listed. is a useful place to get listed, from the point of view of search engines picking up your entry. Can be difficult to get listed, but worth finding a suitable category and submitting a listing request.

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