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How much would you expect to pay?

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Helpme9 Sat 03-Dec-16 09:02:28

I would be seeking a term time childminder to do the following hours (Midlands).
3 days a week collect from preschool at 1215 and keep until 315. Then one full day of 915 to 315. This is for a 2 year old. Term time only. Is this an option for childminders?

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nannynick Sat 03-Dec-16 10:24:12

In my area childminders are around £5 per hour and some will charge whilst a child is at pre-school and others will not.

I would look to see if there are any local childminders who would do the hours you need, then if there is more than one look at who you get on best with, who has the same views as you about child related things and who your child seems to like.

Price maybe the last factor to consider as there may not be much choice. The main thing to talk about is retainer fee for holding the place outside of term time and what happens on occasions when you might need care when pre-school is not open.

Helpme9 Sat 03-Dec-16 10:42:04

Super thank you!

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