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Childminding name

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doristhenaughtypup Tue 29-Nov-16 22:04:58

I am a current childminder but have been thinking of getting a business name for ages.

I don't want something that's already quite popular like
Little stars
Bright buttons
Little nippers
Laugh and learn
All great names - it all quite popular
I currently just use my first name.

I really like things like
Shits and giggles
Scabby knees and snotty noses
But neither are really appropriate grin

I just can't think past these, but I know there is something on the tip of my tongue which is more in keeping with running a childminding business!
Would love some suggestions please x

HSMMaCM Tue 29-Nov-16 22:18:02

I found the difficult thing was finding something reassuring for somebody's precious newborn, which would not be embarrassing for an 11 year old.

For example Little Cutie Pies would cause an 11 year old no end of problems, but scabby knees might worry the parents of a babe in arms.

Sorry, no suggestions, my business name is boring and practical. Is there anything which links to your ethos - outdoors, lots of home baking, very crafty or whatever?

PinPon Wed 30-Nov-16 21:15:06

How about something to get you near the beginning of the listings like:
ABC childminding
Acorns to Oaks

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