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Need a bit of advice re temporary nanny job

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Parisbanana Wed 16-Nov-16 20:52:09

Wonder if anyone able to help/advise.
I have worked for many years in a small preschool, so loads of experience with 2 to 4 year olds. Plus have had my own children. And done bits of ad hoc childcare for younger ones.
Anyway my job is coming to an end. I am meeting with the friend of a friend who needs a temporary (poss 4 months-ish) part time childcarer.
Thing is, I have never done anything like this (just a bit of cash in hand babysitting) and mum is very new to parenthood and I don't think has much idea about the details of employing someone. So it's a bit the blind leading the blind!
So before I meet her, and before I decide to do this, what do I need to know? I don't even really know how much to charge! Contracts? Reasonable holiday entitlements? I don't know what I need to know!
Can anyone with experience help us? TIA smile

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nannynick Wed 16-Nov-16 21:46:05

Give her contact details of a couple of nanny payroll providers such as NannyPaye and NannyTax and get her to call them and have a chat. NannyPaye will do a 6 month minimum and if only 4 months is used the remaining 2 months would remain on credit for use anytime in the future. I think NannyTax has a 12 month minimum... something she would need to check. The payroll company will calculate taxes due and produce payslips, tell her when and how to pay HMRC, they can provide a contract and calculate holiday entitlement (if you work 4 months and don't take holiday during those 4 months, then the holiday should be paid... but you may be able to take some days during the 4 months. Very roughly, working 4 months would get you 9.33 days paid holiday. It will depend on your working days and the exact dates involved.

You don't charge... she offers you a salary. You and her need to come up with a salary that is suitable given the circumstances, assuming you are not going to be living with her, she must pay at least National Minimum Wage and assuming you are age 25+ then that means National Living Wage... currently £7.20 gross. Pay rate for a nanny does vary by location and experience. Consider what you need to earn and what they can afford to pay, find a balance you are both happy with.

You will need to consider what happens regarding care of your own children... would they be coming with you... is the mum happy having them in her home? That will impact on salary negotiation and you need to discuss costs of things like food and activities/outings, who pays for what.

Parisbanana Wed 16-Nov-16 22:20:31

Thank you so much for all that. Loads to consider. But that's all really helpful, thank you.

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