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Nannypaye vs nannytax vs payefornannies

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Kittykatmacbill Mon 14-Nov-16 09:13:09

Sorry not very exciting but...

can any of you can see the difference between payefornannies, nannypaye and nannytax (and presumably others too)? They all seem to offer same product but vary massively in price. hmm

Any good or bad reviews really appreciated!

There appears to be no recent comparative information that I can find anywhere, except something on netmums from a couple of years ago where the Huns decide they are going to do it for themselves. Which I know I am not going to do as having a nanny is supposed to less work not more!

(I did post this aibu but apparently I am unreasonable to ask for help hmmconfused)

LightTripper Mon 14-Nov-16 10:23:09

I have had good experiences with payefornannies (they do my payslips/tax calcs for me - so just the standard service - plus I am going to get them to do the paperwork for the new pension entitlement). Always pick up the phone on the first couple of rings and you talk to somebody knowledgeable who can help with your question. Also very responsive by e-mail.

I know others have had good experiences with the other firms too though - doubtless they will be along!

Cindy34 Mon 14-Nov-16 13:43:54

Pricing structures are different, ask about what is included in the main fee and how changes made to payroll such as changing address, changing nanny, a nanny going on maternity leave, having more than one nanny, affects the cost. NannyPaye includes everything except for contract (as they let you use your own if you like rather than insisting you use one they produce) and pension scheme (as not all employer have to provide that yet).

Have a look at your home contents insurance policy, many include cover for one employee. Then call a couple of payroll providers, see who you find most helpful on the phone and who don't try to sell you insurance cover (which you don't need if you already have it as part of your home contents policy).

meggleshs Mon 14-Nov-16 15:07:38

I use Nanny PAYE. I like that I've had 3 nannies in this year (long term left, then temp, now new nanny) and there was no charge to put a new nanny on. Also, no pressure to use their contract service for the new nanny (I just used the existing contract, and modifed it). they have been very helpful with pension, etc. £179 / year.

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