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Constipation - 2.5 week old baby

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Kiki120514 Thu 03-Nov-16 03:58:04

Hi my two and a half week old baby appears really uncomfortable the past few days when he tries to poo and Ive come to the conclusion it's constipation based on his nappy changes and struggle to poo. He's hysterical. Any ideas on how to help? It's 4am and I'm struggling with sleep too ;)

lizziebell Thu 03-Nov-16 04:03:43

Sorry to hear that your baby is constipated. My DS has the same problem (from medication for silent reflux). I find a warm, massaging tummy and cycling legs all help a little. Good luck with it

isthistoonosy Thu 03-Nov-16 04:06:44

A warm bath can help too.

Also if its more of a problem at night and early.morning check he isn't getting to warm and a little dehydrated at night.

Longdistance Thu 03-Nov-16 04:28:12

I agree with cycling his legs.

If you think about it, babies aren't active, so they're bowels can slow down. Just by cycling your babies legs, should make it easier for him to go.

Kiki120514 Thu 03-Nov-16 12:57:09

Thank you everyone for the support and quick replies. Liking this forum already ;) I will try the above suggestions and let you know. I don't think it's wind because he burps (and more haha) perfectly well instantly after feeds. But he does take quite a lot of milk (around 4 ounces each feed every 3 hours). Thanks ladies xxx

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