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nanny for 2 kids in wales. How much am I looking at and please tell me of any extras

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Fillyjonk Sun 11-Feb-07 09:48:41

am trying to cost further study and work out what my options are

accept that I will go heavily into debt here.


for a decent, trained nanny, f/t, South Wales, how much realistically? I mean, including tax etc. How much is actually going to leave my pocket?

thanks .

you are all lovely for listening to my endless questions btw.

moondog Sun 11-Feb-07 09:53:55

You doing a degree Fill?

norkmaiden Sun 11-Feb-07 09:59:40

Filly, do you really need full-time childcare? I study ft and dh and I (he has a v flexible job) cover it between us - what I mean is you might get away with pt nanny, if you're willing to work odd hours. I work late a lot, which sucks in some ways, but it gets round needing childcare. It would be a slog, but probably save you £££.
Good luck anyway - what's the course?

Fillyjonk Sun 11-Feb-07 10:16:50

i am trying to work out What To Do With My Life moony . While there's still some left...

(am doing chemistry degree, I suppose but with the OU)

I dunno, I'd kind of like to know worst case scenario. Then I can work out costs between them.

dp really does not have flexibility, plus he has frequent london/overseas trips which are utterly immovable (since they usually involve court-in a good way )

ok is £25k pa utterly unrealistic?

p/t nanny would be ideal and is hopefully possible, but depends on course. Kids will actually be in nursery/school 9-1 (Steiner school), so if it were course that lasted 9-5, say, could probably get p/t nanny for remainder hours, BUT if course had unsocial hours, would be buggered as no local family.

am assuming that no point in CM since I have 2 kids and am uber uber food fascist fussy.

I just want to kind of know max extent of damage to see if this is at all a goer, if that makes sense.

norkmaiden Sun 11-Feb-07 10:25:15

kids in steiner 9-1 is a great start Filly. IME most people have finished their working day at uni day by 5 - I know of one class running on until 6.15 but that's really unusual. And if you have a pt nanny, there might be some scope for occasionally being flexible? Any steiner mums looking for a pt job? Oooh, a steiner CM might be what you need??
Even without a nanny, I reckon 9-1 plus evening would be doable (if you didn't need to be anywhere specific).
Am afraid I have no idea on money specifics - I guess people who have nannies can tell you straight.
I do something like that (3rd year phd) - but it's v hard, and as I tend to work at least one day at weekends I've barely seen dh in about, uummm, 2 years?!

moondog Sun 11-Feb-07 10:28:47

I've seen you other thread.
Easiest for you would be to go to college/uni (again) surely?
Hours are at least daytime.
OU takes sooo blooody long.

My dh always abroad (six weeks at a time).I have gone back to work as an sl/t and am studying for an MSc at Bangor uni.My kids are in school/nursery and I have a childminder to pick up the oldest one.

Like you,am a food fascist and cringe knowing my kid is eating party rings and custard creams but the people who look after them are so lovely, and so creative (making snowmen,cooking,growing things)that I have decided to let it go.

Nailpolish is a phlebotomist btw.

Seems a shame you are looking at stuff like HCA when you have a degree.

WanderingTrolley Sun 11-Feb-07 10:31:30

If you look on local agency websites, you may get an idea of the cost.

In terms of other extras:

• gas/elec when nanny & kids home, but you aren't (if you at home ft now, there won't be a difference, obv)

• payroll service?

• car insurance, if you want her to drive?

• possibly crb check

• agency fees

• emergency cover if nanny sick/holiday etc

• nanny's lunch/tea/coffee

WanderingTrolley Sun 11-Feb-07 10:34:01

Or, could you use a childminder, but send kids with packed lunch/tea?

I think I remember you from another thread - I am a bit of a poncey childminder, but I'm not near you. We do exist!

Is an au pair an option for unsociable hours?

Fillyjonk Sun 11-Feb-07 10:42:52

lol I DO need a steiner CM, thats exactly right!

I am hoping to find a lovely CM. I am not finding one locally, I just am not <sigh>.

I don't mind the food that much if I am honest.

lol at HCA work being a shame with my degree and all . I really don't mind, whatever I do I am doing, really, a very different career to the track I was on pre kids.

What I CAN'T do is to retrain again. I don't mind forking out to get me a career I am really happy with (I've changed since having kids, I think) BUT I can't do it again! So I have to be sure.

Fillyjonk Sun 11-Feb-07 10:44:02

(I mean retrain a 3rd time, obviously)

3LoveHeartsAndNoMore Sun 11-Feb-07 10:50:33

Filly, I assume you are looking for a Nanny, for when you do Nursing or Midwifery?
No idea really just how it works with Uni and the hours over here....but I beleive they tend to be regular...but you will obviously spend time at placement, and in both Jobs the shift pattern can be rather antisocal....

Fillyjonk Sun 11-Feb-07 10:53:25

i know mwfery is NOT regular hours?

is nursing more regular

3LoveHeartsAndNoMore Sun 11-Feb-07 11:37:41

well, in Nursing you tend to know your rota in advance, but that is about it....the ward I have worked over on here (as AN, not Nurse, but shift pattern was the same). I worked some lates and some earlys each week....the fulltime worked usually one day early, one late, one early one late, etc....Nightshifts tend to be covered by Night stafss...howeve,r as a student you do some night shifts, aswell...
some Nurses did long days, which meant they worked less days but worked early and late shifts in one go, if you know what I mean....not sure that is possible for students, though...

Fillyjonk Sun 11-Feb-07 13:04:17



oh am also thinking nanny on assumption that for 2 kids it will be not massively different to expensive CM

3LoveHeartsAndNoMore Sun 11-Feb-07 17:28:35

Filly the whole childcare malarky is what is really holding me back to get back into life will be sooo complicated, as dh isn't working regular hours, neither, etc....nightmare, eh

mykidzrmyworld Sun 11-Feb-07 18:12:14

I am a CM in south wales but not near u! If I had a parent wanted hrs like u that wouldnt be a problem and if parents had specific needs regarding diet/exercise/play etc I would do my upmost to work with the parent.
Surely u could get a CM to work with u and your needs!

nannynick Sun 11-Feb-07 18:24:24

Just run a job search and turned up some results for nanny jobs in Wales.

Cardiff Bay: £120 net per week, for 15 hours per week. Overtime at £7 net per hour.
Care for 1 baby, part-time, live-out.
Powys, Welshpool: £300-£350 net per week, care of newborn, live-in.
Cowbridge: £300 net per week, 50 hours per week, live-out. Care of 2 children.
Cardiff: £7.50+ per hour (does not say if net or gross), 40 hours, live-out, care of 1 toddler.

From those I would say average pay is £7 net per hour.

Not sure how many hours you would need, shall we say 10 per day, thus 50 per week... thus £7 * 50 = £350 net per week.

Using \link{} £350 net per week for a typical person is around £467.27 gross.

Using E-Gismos calculator , with 467.27 as gross weekly salary, Employers NI is £47.39

If we do it yearly, we could take a Gross Yearly Salary of £24,300, which calculates to around £350 net per week. Employers NI is then £2465.92 per year. Thus it costs you as the employer: £26,765.92 per year to employ a nanny earning £350 net per week.

These figures are purely the salary and employers NI. Other costs will be incurred in employing a nanny, such as weekly spending kitty, providing employees meals while on duty, additional car insurance premium (if providing a car) or mileage payments (if nanny provides their own car).

The above figures should be used as a guide only. While being quite accurate, tax rates change and individual circumstances can affect things. Figures are based on 2006/07 tax year.

Hope that answers your original question regarding the likely cost of employing a nanny in South Wales.

milge Sun 11-Feb-07 18:29:12

I pay my nanny £70 per day net - 8.30am -6pm. Quarterly tax and NI. plus expenses for driving to and from activities, playgroups etc-around £100 pcm.

Sallyheartshapedstrawberry Sun 11-Feb-07 18:35:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fillyjonk Sun 11-Feb-07 20:07:40

sally that is really helpful, will attempt cat when less 1 handed...

how easy was it to get onto?

see i'm thinking now, apply for mwifery but not the end of the world if i end up in nursing. i think i'd like either tbh, just mwfery more. But...can one do that? apply for both courses?

am limited to south wales, pos bristol...but really, needs to be cardiff or glamorgan.

Fillyjonk Sun 11-Feb-07 20:18:01

and and thanks everyone else, sorry!

thanks nick for those figures. seems to be on a par with 2 CM spaces then...

oooh I didn't know you could look on websites for such things, I thought you had to put an ad in The Lady (seriously ). I shall investigate forthwith. Duh!

frankieb Thu 22-Feb-07 15:25:37

I'm a CM based in Cardiff and on the Cardiff CM Network.
Let me know what you are looking for in terms of hours/days and I'll have an ask around.
From reading the threads I can see the type of care you are looking for.
You can reach me at

sunnyjim Sun 25-Feb-07 12:31:27

I'd do OU - it is bloody hard work but its no longer than any other degree if you do it full time.

The big bonus is the flexibility. If your kids are in nursery 9-1 to begin with you could look at a CM for 3 afternoons or just 1-3/4pm to give you time to study.

Can the nursery offer you any extra hours?

How about an au apir? we're doing that this autumn cos we need a few extra hours to nursery. So DS will go to nursery 3 days a week. Au pair will take over from us at 7.30am drop him off at 8.30/9am and pick him up at 4pm then play with him til 5.30pm 3 of those days so he has a shorter day. (i'd have to drop him at 8 and pick up at 5 or even 6)
Day 4 and 5 he is at home with me or DH, but in the afternoon Au pair gets him up from his nap and takes him for a trip to the park giving us an extra hour of childcare.

I managed p/t OU on 6 hrs of childcare a week - not ideal and I admit my marks weren't brilliant but it was doable. this year I'm upping the hours of childcare as DS requires more energy when he is at home plus I need good marks for my final year.

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