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Part time nanny/childminder - where to start?

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Sukhino24 Thu 27-Oct-16 21:57:02

I intend to go back to work for a few mornings or afternoons a week early next year and am not sure where to start looking for childcare. I would prefer a childminder (cost) or a nanny but need to find someone who would be prepared to just work with us for less than part time.
We are in south east london.
Does anyone know where i could look for someone like this? Or what the options might be?

nannynick Fri 28-Oct-16 11:24:18

First decide on the hours/days you will need childcare. If you are going back to a job that you have held previously, talk to your employer about what your working hours are expected to be. Talk about other possible working patterns such as doing 10am-2pm or something like that if you are only looking at working a few hours per day. See what work patterns are available, then see if there is any childcare that fits with that.

Be realistic on cost of childcare - how many children do you have? If you only have one child, then a childminder will be a lot lower cost than a nanny. You location will make a difference to cost - South East London covers a wide area... look for childcare providers who are local to you... many local authorities have websites where you can enter your postcode to get a list of Registered Childminders or lists they can email you.

Nanny agencies and nanny job listing sites enable you to advertise for a nanny. Nanny payroll companies like NannyPaye and NannyTax can assist you with doing the payroll for a nanny, such as providing weekly/monthly payslips and calculating Employers NI due (a tax on employers) plus reminding you to pay HMRC (as a small employer, you will pay HMRC the taxes due once every 3 months).

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