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Au pair advice

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callmedizzy Fri 21-Oct-16 17:37:15

Hi there I am hoping you can help me out my daughter left to au pair in Italy she arranged a family who sounded perfect but as time has gone on they are starting to take the piss a little, she was sick last night with a tummy bug after being told to look after the child the previous day with the tummy bug which she caught the host family told her she had to get up and work today she had sole charge cooked them meals and looked after them from 12 and will finish about 5.30, most days she works long hours she may get 1.5 days off a week if she is lucky, she was told no house work was needed but she is hoovering 3 times a day at the families request, the parents disappear off to their room and leave her with the children until they go to bed which is about 11.30/12. They also keep taking her belongings one of the children took her iPod from her room and was running around the house with it when she took if off him he screamed and the mother came in and told my daughter that if it is in their house then it belongs to everyone- my daughter tried to get another post for January but the mother gave her a bad reverence so she didn't get it, my instinct is to tell her to come home but I don't know if this is normal and should be expected from an au pair in Italy my gut says no but it's her first post so we don't know...if she comes back she will need a live in nanny job but I am worried she is too young for that she is 18 turning 19 in April, she is very responsible doesn't drink or go out clubbing it's such a shame this has happened she just needs a nice family 😔😔 any advise ?.

Amalfimamma Fri 21-Oct-16 17:41:27

Where is She in Italy? This is not normal and if she needs to get out asap I'll do all I can to help. Does she need a new family Now?

underneaththeash Sat 22-Oct-16 20:33:14

Llooking after the children until 12 and expecting her iPad to be communal property is certainly not normal but a bit of hoovering is! So maybe their is faults on both sides (personally I wouldn't have an 18yo au pair).

If she's not happy, she can your look for a new family on au pair world, so doesn't need to mention her current family. She won't get a live-in nanny job without refs.

JoJoSM2 Sun 23-Oct-16 20:07:38

Has your daughter spoken about the working times and expectations as they started becoming unreasonable? What was the response?

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