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Trip money - what do you do?

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itsnotfair10 Thu 20-Oct-16 18:12:23

Hi there
I'm having a bit of an internal debate with myself so I thought I would see what others do and if my idea is the done thing.

My son goes to a childminder two days a week. She is paid by the hour and is extremely good value for money.

She is a lovely lady and takes the children to various outings, on the bus and train etc (she doesn't drive)

Today when I picked my son up she informed me that she had taken them today to a cafe and got them all a sausage and chips tea. Totally fine with that, but it made me think - she pays for all of this stuff out of her own pocket. Trips out, entrance to soft plays etc and she never asks for any extra money. Her hourly rate would never be enough to cover all of that.

So I thought maybe I should put a little purse in his bag with some change in which I would tell her is for trips and snacks out etc which I will keep topped up. Does this sound like a good idea? Does anyone else do this?

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Elbekind Thu 20-Oct-16 19:32:17

It's difficult to say without knowing your personal childminder, her hourly rates and how many trips she takes them on.
I'm a childminder and we do account for days out, trips and things and I'm sure she won't be putting herself out.
I charge £4.25 an hour and some mornings when I only have one or two I like to spoil them and do something that actually means I've worked a few hours for nothing but that's the nature of the job and if I was in it for the money I'd pick a different career!
It's a lovely thought of yours but I wouldn't be able to accept your gesture if a parent offered me the same. Sometimes taking the kids out for a meal is just as much fun for me (not having to cook, clean up, keep entertained whilst cooking) as it is for the kids.

HSMMaCM Thu 20-Oct-16 22:21:12

That's very kind of you. I have had parents offer some extra cash when I have done particularly bug outings, but it is not normal. I have had parents provide a load of craft materials, to show their appreciation. A cash tip in a Christmas card would be lovely, but it's never happened to me grin.

Seriously though, your CM could just keep the children at home all day and feed them value food and it's lovely she does go the extra mile. It's entirely up to you if you want to add extra to her bill, or whatever. I think you'll find if you put a purse in the bag, it may never be used.

Maryann1975 Thu 20-Oct-16 23:32:41

I'm a childminder. I try to keep outings cheap and we don't tend to go on more expensive outings. I might take the children to the cinema in the holidays, but it would be the kids am (cheap) showing of an older film, rather than the new expensive film. Same with soft play, we might on the odd occasion go to the cheaper soft place but wouldn't go to the newer more expensive soft play because it would mean working for free for a couple of hours a day.
I don't know what I would think if you offered me extra money for your DC treats. I probably wouldn't think it was fair that you were paying extra for what another family is having for free (or included in their fees). I think it might come across better as a good tip at Christmas along with a lovely present to show your appreciation.
Just for the record, we do have outings, I just have a long list of free and cheap places to go too, the park, forests, the lake, along the canal, friends farm, city museum, national trust area close by and I have an annual pass to the local gardens that have a fabulous park with activities that we go to often.

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 21-Oct-16 00:03:27

I think its a lovely idea and you obv value your cm

She would be including all those things in her exspenses in tax return

As others have said maybe give her a lovely bonus at Xmas

HSMMaCM Fri 21-Oct-16 08:40:28

We do a couple of more expensive trips each year (Paultons park, Etc) and a couple of parents offer extra money. We say they can contribute to ice creams if they like. One gives the full entrance fee and another gave generous ice cream money and another (who hadn't even asked) gave us some snacks to go with lunch. All happily accepted but not asked for. The children who gave nothing still enjoyed the same trip.

yoowhoo Fri 21-Oct-16 21:07:32

I think it's lovely to offer some money. Childminders sadly don't make much money.. I do get the point that you'd be paying for something that others get for free but if you're not bothered then I think it would be lovely to offer some extra money.

itsnotfair10 Sat 22-Oct-16 07:48:53

Thank you all for your replies.

I think I'll have a chat with the cm and see what she says. I want to recognise her effort but certainly don't want to cause any friction with the other mums or make it awkward for her in any way.

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