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Babysitting one year old

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ZaraHH Sun 16-Oct-16 19:15:17

I'm looking after my friends one year old all day tomorrow and I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips or hints for me? I've found out his sleeping and eating schedule so I'll make sure that's all as normal for him, but just wondering if anyone who's had a one year old knows any insider tips as I've never had my own yet! ;)

Thanks in advance

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yoowhoo Sun 16-Oct-16 20:48:45

I'd just stick to his usual routine as much as possible. I do some ad hoc work with babies that I've never met before, I gage how they are with me.. if they are pretty happy with me I may take them to a local group. Otherwise, get out and about for a walk, then give them their morning nap (if young 1 then usually they have 2 naps) then lunch, then maybe hit the park in the afternoon..i prefer getting out and about. Makes the day go faster.

Karoleann Sun 16-Oct-16 22:28:01

That's very nice of you. 1 year olds can be very different; are the moving, crawling, walking etc.
Yes usually two naps when they're that age. Ask the mum how they usually get them to sleep for their nap.
Universally 1 year olds like swings in the park, you can also do something leaf related dependant on how old they are - so jumping in leaves, throwing them, patterns on the floor. They also like slides - but you need to help them.

Meals also take up a lot of the time, especially if its baby lead weaning ( which means that you but small bits of food in front of them and they attempt to eat it).

Another favourite for ours when they were one, was me building a tower out of blocks (you can use anything not heavy) and then they knock it down.....

Hope you have fun tomorrow

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