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Half term

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bmz Thu 08-Feb-07 12:24:42

Can anyone give advice on what to do with two mindees in half term aged 9 and 6. Any places to go? activities? anything greatly appreciated. regards

mykidzrmyworld Thu 08-Feb-07 12:34:14

take them to local farm/museum/cinema/walks/parks/swimming/indoor play centre thats all i can think of right now

Shosha Thu 08-Feb-07 12:47:59

Message withdrawn

mum2akebk Thu 08-Feb-07 13:00:56

I clicked on link and it came up but then disappeared again. I think it's Moors Valley Country Park isn't it? You have jogged my memory I used to take my children there lots, however haven't been for years (probably due to a bad experience of my car's engine deciding never to work again on the M27! then having to have it taken off motorway on back of breakdown truck!!). I think I will try to shake off my superstition about going back and take the minded children there-it will take about 45 mins though.

Shosha Thu 08-Feb-07 13:07:57

Message withdrawn

dmo Thu 08-Feb-07 16:39:15

i have 9 mindees in the hols so typed up a timetable of where we are going and what they need
monday: botanic gardens (need packed lunch and ice cream money)
tuesday: beach (need packed lunch, ice cream money, footballs etc)
wednesday: soft play area in the morning then baking valentine cakes in the afternoon (need £4 towards entrance and dinner)
thursday: park in the morning and roller skating in the afternoon ( packed lunch and need £1.80 for skating and skate hire)
friday: museum in the morning then look in ELC and mc Donalds for lunch (need £2 for mc Donalds)

decided on everyone bring their own packed lunch this time after last year up to my eyes in bread and filling cutting cust off for some etc

mum2akebk Thu 08-Feb-07 20:09:28

Shosha, sorry didn't come back online but I am in Fareham, Hampshire.

ThePrisoner Thu 08-Feb-07 20:09:32

A long walk in the woods! We go hunting for lions and tigers and bears ...

Shosha Thu 08-Feb-07 20:37:52

Message withdrawn

mum2akebk Thu 08-Feb-07 20:56:58

Yep-will do. I'm sure the mindees (and my own) will love it.

LondonChatterBox Mon 24-Oct-11 12:53:52

How about taking them to the theatre? I am taking mine to see The Wizard of Oz this week - they're so excited! Here's a link for more theatre ideas for children that might be helpful:

MUM2BLESS Mon 24-Oct-11 13:03:29

Shosha why has your messages been withdrawn?

callaird Mon 24-Oct-11 13:09:50

This thread is over 4 years old!!!!!

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