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Babysitter needed in Sale Moor M33

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Matou Sat 08-Oct-16 16:55:26

Hi, I am desperately trying to find a babysitter to look after DS aged 7 and DS aged 5 in the evening. At its most basic, it would be sitting around whilst we parents are out and the kids are already in bed. But on occasion, I will require the person to get dinner on the table (ready meal macaroni cheese and fish fingers in the oven + frozen broccoli in microwave), brush teeth, read a story book and lights out at 20:00, then wait for a parent to return.
It might even involve collecting the children from school between 17:30 and 18:00 and walking them home in a safe fashion.
I need someone really trustworthy, it would have to be a responsible teenager or a nursery worker, I think. Ideally with own vehicle, and DBS checked.
I tried to pin down a friend's daughter , but it appears having to walk from her home in M33 to our house in M33, which takes about 30-35 minutes is a major put-off! confused
Any recommendation most appreciated, and your pay rate. Thanks a bunch flowers

NickNacks Sat 08-Oct-16 21:37:31

This area is for discussion not advertising, as explained at the top of the page, try MN local or a childcare search website.

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