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Some advice please

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MUM2BLESS Tue 27-Sep-16 20:37:45

Hi Everyone,

I am not sure if you remember me. I have not been on mums-net for ages. I left childminding about a year ago.

I have paid the tax people what was owed to them when I was childminding. I still have equipment and toys etc from childminding is that mine to sell as I please? I was thinking of doing a table top sale giving the money made to my kids is that legal?

HSMMaCM Tue 27-Sep-16 22:50:57

I'm not an accountant, but if you bought them through the business, wouldn't they be business assets that you need to declare as income ?

lovelynannytobe Tue 27-Sep-16 22:59:07

If you claimed for them as a childminding expense when you bought them and now selling them this is an income and you need to declare it. If it's your stuff you had and not gone through the books then you can sell as you please.

MUM2BLESS Sun 09-Oct-16 21:41:44

Sorry for not coming back earlier. Thanks for your replies.

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