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help needed

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Ems2011 Mon 26-Sep-16 22:56:59


i have a five year old previously had an au pair for the last two years but i feel now its invading my privacy and impacting on my chances of meeting someone. i am a nurse working three long days a week. jacob goes to morning and after school club so would only need someone for say 4 hours a day three times a week plus two hours on a wednesday night. i am sure theres a cheaper way then the au pairs as im paying them 100 pound a week plus obviously there food, heating etc.

HSMMaCM Tue 27-Sep-16 09:54:58

So what hours do you need? Is it earlier than breakfast club and later than after school club? Are there any childminders in your area that do long days? What about holidays? It might not work out much cheaper though.

nannynick Tue 27-Sep-16 10:03:41

An after-school nanny I reckon would cost more.
You need consistency so using several babysitters may not work.
AuPair is probably the cheapest option.
If you don't want someone living with you then a nanny or childminder are your options, though times may not work.

Karoleann Tue 27-Sep-16 10:57:26

I'd call round local childminders and ask if they would be willing to do early morning and later evening care for you three times a week and how much it would cost. It would be less convenient for you and you'd have to get your DC there before work and it may be too tiring.

Having someone come to your home (assuming that you could get someone to work those hours) would be around £8-12/hour gross - depending on where you are, so more than you currently pay, although you wouldn't have the hassle of someone being in your house.

Does your child currently go to breakfast club? Your au pair could easily be doing that time inclusively in her hours.

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