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Au Pair in Spain

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bevelino Sun 25-Sep-16 10:48:46

Dd is taking a gap year before starting uni and will shortly be working as an au pair in Spain. The family she will be working for seem really nice and dd will have time during the day to attend language classes. However, dd is becoming more nervous by the day about going. She is a fluent In Spanish and I keep reassuring her that it will be ok. Does anyone have any advice about employing an English au pair in Spain?

PinPon Mon 26-Sep-16 21:00:44

Its probably normal to be nervous when starting something new. Can she join an au pair Facebook group for the town / city she's going to? This might help her to start to get to know others who are in the same boat.

A nice, reasonable family is very important. But so is having some other friends and activities. Perhaps help her to find things that she can look forward to - could she join a hiking club or pursue another interest in the new location? Having social connections in Spain will mean that she starts feeling settled faster.

bevelino Mon 26-Sep-16 21:52:19

Pinpon thank you for your helpful reply and I have passed on your suggestion to dd.

Linning Fri 30-Sep-16 14:40:43

She'll be fine.

I was an Au Pair in Spain (twice!) and currently live in Southern Spain. Do you know if she'll be living in a big city or a smaller town ? Regardless, spanish people are easy to get along with and to socialize with so I am sure she'll have no trouble making friends. If she'll be living in a bigger city, like PinPon suggested, there most likely will be Au Pair groups available on FB and if not, she can also join any of the erasmus FB group in her city so she'll know about social events and could meet other foreigners her age etc... smile

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