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Childminders in Walthamstow, E17

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Rach3 Mon 05-Feb-07 14:25:11

I'm looking for a childminder in or near Walthamstow village to look after my baby from September when he'll be 10 months old. Does anyone have any recommendations for me? Thanks!

Ruminator Mon 12-Feb-07 23:12:09

My childminder has just let me down one week before I return back to work!!!! I'm doing the rounds right now trying to replace her so perhaps I can find one who will take on your wee one come September too. I'll let you know what I find.

Ruminator Sat 24-Feb-07 21:34:24

Just to let you know there only seem to be a handful of childminders in/near the village but demand is great. There's a great co-ordinator who might be able to help you; let em know if you need a number.

Anne26 Wed 11-Feb-15 13:06:45

Hello girls,
I am a young maman (French Native) looking for working as a childminder for few months (May to end of August!). My little girl is 2 months and half and I will go back to work in September (if everything is OK :-). I am a French teacher in primary let me know..

Forresitters1 Wed 11-Feb-15 14:04:48

You might find it helpful to join the Walthamstow Childcare group if you are on Facebook as there are lots of childminders and nannies on there who will hopefully be able to help!

LuckyLopez Wed 11-Feb-15 14:18:41

Well the op is 8 years old so presumably they've found someone.

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