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hello please can i have advise on this matter

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naomyS Tue 20-Sep-16 12:58:47

hello i received a letter from my ex solicitor regarding my ex partner want to arrange to see his daughter a contact centre on a forthright basic and that they advise me strongly to respond or if i got on my solicitor to reply to them ma ex assaulted and was restrain to contact me or our daughter but after the court cases it was find not guilty fo insuficient of evidence as it was no witness and when the polic arrive he wasnt in the house as he left the house when he knew that the police was on they way ...after the court cases was over the bail condition was lifted and now he want to have contact i'm still afected by that and not sure if it the right time to have contact with him as i'm still suffering from that and i don't think our daugther is ready too as she'suffring too from that incident and she's scare off man she does'nt want to be in the same room as a man or men its been now a year and half and tooke me month of building the relation she had now with my new partenaire ...she's 3years hold and goes to the nursery she's geting better since then and have a great relationship with my partenaire who she call daddy and i'm felling greatful for that ...concerning me i'm pregnant now and i really don't need to much streest now and my ex hearing about my ex give me anxeiety and stresst me out a lot and i don't want to deal with him now i need more time like after giving birth and find stability and balance with my new relationship and the baby i will try to facehim and the posiiblility of him seeing his daugther i hope to get good advise on how could i reply to my ex solicitor should i reply to my ex solicitor

DonkeyOaty Tue 20-Sep-16 13:10:59

How do you feel about talking this over with your Health Visitor?

They can help you to weigh up your daughter's right to a relationship with her father.

I would urge you to reverse calling your current partner her daddy though.

Cindy34 Tue 20-Sep-16 13:21:29

Communicate via solicitors if that is what works for you both.

Your ex has rights as a father to see his daughter, you don't say that a court has ruled against that. Having supervised contact at a Contact Centre, is that what is being proposed? Find out the procedure for that, they will be used to having this situation occur. If you are concerned about possibly meeting your ex partner in the car park, then could you have someone take your daughter to the visits?

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