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non-childminder help - how much to pay?

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IAmTheBadOne Wed 14-Sep-16 20:31:21

Now my older DS is in the reception I need some help with drop offs/pick ups for school and younger DS preschool and Also looking after them until we get home from work.

My friends mum is keen to help out, She used to be a nurse and running a playgroup, she raised 5 children and has loads of grandchildren so she is very good at childcare. But she is not a childminder and not ofsted registered.

She would have both boys for 1.5h in the morning and drop them off at school/preschool (two different places c 1mile away) then pick up the younger at midday, have him at my house until school pick up, and after 3pm have both boys until we get back from work. I only need this 2 days a week.

She would also walk my dog with my youngest and would give boys lunch/dinner cooked by me.

We live South of England. How much do you think I should pay per hour for this arrangement? Petrol to be incl in rate.

Thanks ladies!

NickNacks Wed 14-Sep-16 20:36:08

It doesn't matter that she isn't an Ofsted Reg cm since this would be a nanny role (it's in your home).

I would research the going rate in your are for a nanny and remember you will need to register as her employer and all that comes with that.

Maryann1975 Wed 14-Sep-16 20:50:45

What nicknacks said, she will be a nanny so the only reason for her to be registered is if you want to claim any tax relief on her wages I think.

greenfolder Wed 14-Sep-16 20:52:49


pepperpot99 Wed 14-Sep-16 21:17:32

Given that cleaners are generally on about £10 p/have minimum it surely ought to be in excess of this.

nannynick Wed 14-Sep-16 21:37:17

Don't include petrol in the rate. If you did include it, then it becomes part of taxable pay. Mileage is non-taxable up to 10,000 miles per year at max of 45p per mile... so do mileage instead.

Nannies in my area (Surrey/Berks border) are often on anywhere from £8 to £15 gross per hour. Part-time care tends to be paid higher than full-time when looking at hourly rate.

She used to be a nurse and ran a playgroup - so she has experience with children who are not her own, plus has medical training. So pay wise should be on more than a nanny just starting out. So I think you are looking at £10 gross as a minimum, more if you are not paying between 9am and Midday (not clear on if you are paying all day, or if there is a bit of the day not being paid). It could be a lot higher but it will depend on what you can afford and what they want to earn.

What happens if a child is too ill for school/pre-school?
What happens if school/pre-school are closed (it happens... no heating, no water, sewer blocked, teacher strike, too much snow)?
What happens in the school holidays - do you only need care term-time (38/39 weeks)?

This sounds like a 2 day per week nanny job. Decide what you feel able to pay taking in account of all the costs involved. Offer the salary, see if she accepts or not.

If you were looking at £10 gross per hour, 7.30am-6.30pm, 2 days per week, all year round (nanny would get at least 11.2 days paid holiday), then your cost as the employer will be something like:

£10 x 11 hours = £110 per day
£110 x 2 = £220 per week
52 week year = £11,440 gross per year <- This is nanny's salary.
Employers NI (2016/17): £460 per year
Mileage (say 10 miles per day @ 0.45 per mile) around £400 per year (may be more if they travel further in school holidays)
Payroll admin (monthly payslips): £180
Contract of employment: £25 (one off cost)

Total: £12,505 for first year. <- This is cost to you.

Additional costs from 2018:
Pension scheme: £60 (would not have this initially but would occur in 2018)
Pension employer contribution: around £113 in 2018, around £170 in 2019.

Sounds quite a nice 2-day a week nanny job.

IAmTheBadOne Wed 14-Sep-16 21:55:59

Thanks guys. A lot I did not take into consideration!

Nanny Nick thank you for all the info - it will come handy!

nannynick Wed 14-Sep-16 22:06:03

You may find that looking at ads on will give you an idea of what other parents in your area are offering part-time nannies. You can narrow down search to county level.

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