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I've never used a babysitter - advice please!

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NooNooMummy Wed 14-Sep-16 12:32:04

I'm hoping that some of you can please advise me about the usual hourly rates, basic grounds etc when using a babysitter. I'm new to this!!! And I'm clueless!

I've found a lovely babysitter who lives nearby and works at my 3 yr old daughter's nursery. My daughter adores her. So that's the first hurdle sorted.

Now I have a million questions: what's the hourly rate for outer-south London? Does it need to be a regular weekly thing? What should I expect? Will the babysitter be expecting snacks, Netflix and an uber at the end of the eve? What if my daughter refuses to go to bed? How many hours is usual? What if I'm delayed? Could I use her for a few hours during the daytime at weekends - out and about or just at home? Should I get my daughter used to her in our home by having her round for coffee a few times?

See? I'm clueless! Please help!

Nanny2811 Wed 14-Sep-16 14:21:45

Hourly rate between £7-10 an hr you are best off asking her what she charges.
No doesn't need to be a regular thing.
Snacks are always appreciated but never expected (a packet of biscuits and I'm happy!)
Does she drive? If not and you need to arrange a taxi for her that's fine but I would expect to pay her slightly less to cover this!
I charge a minimum of 3hrs but ask the babysitter!
If your daughter already knows her I really wouldn't worry too much about her getting used to her. Children adapt very quickly!

Cindy34 Wed 14-Sep-16 14:22:26

Babysitting is occasional evening (usually) care in your home caring for your children. So it is not regular at all, it is ad hoc, you contact your babysitter and tell them the date plus start and finish time you need and they say if they can do it or not.

Your babysitter should be setting the fee. Typically this will depend on their training, experience and your location. £8-12 per hour may be typical - with a 3 hour minimum. You need to make it worthwhile to the person doing the babysitting, they will have travel costs, so £25+ for an evening would not be unusual. A local teen may do it for 5-6 per hour but you are having someone who works professionally with children, so that will cost more.

Cindy34 Wed 14-Sep-16 14:27:53

Transport home is something to discuss with your babysitter. When I used to babysit, I would cycle to and from jobs.

Taking your DD out during the day at weekends is certainly possible, if your babysitter wants to do that. You would need to cover all expenses plus pay an hourly fee which may be higher than the evening rate.

Invite them round, though they do already know your DD. Quick tour of the house is useful, to know where things are such as spare bedding and clothes, as children can be sick, or wet the bed.

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