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Maternity nanny fees

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MHarper Mon 12-Sep-16 02:30:41

I'm just starting out as a maternity nanny and might be taking my first position working Monday am to Friday pm straight through. I'm charging £110 per 24hours but I'm not sure how to charge for this, it'll be 4.5 24h 'shifts'.
Would most maternity nannies do £110 times 4.5 which is £495 but I feel like I'm underpricing myself. I could earn the same doing 5 12h days so it feels like I'd be giving up a lot of time for the same money.
The other option is 4 X £110 and then 12 hours at a hourly rate (£10/h?) or just say I round up to 5 24h shifts.

Any advice would be great, I don't want to undervalue myself but I'm not sure what to do as its my first job as a full maternity nanny. Thanks

CodyKing Mon 12-Sep-16 03:12:39

12 X £10 is £120 so higher than your 24 hour rate

Quote £110 per 24 hours or part thereof - 110 X 5 £550

Some agencies charge £110 per night shift 9 til 7 - so per 24 hours is a bargain

cexuwaleozbu Mon 12-Sep-16 04:11:26

I agree it feels as if you are massively underpricing yourself but I don't know the market rate.

Are you seriously expecting to be "on duty" for over 100 hours straight with no "down time"?

For a start, the hours involved are basically 3 weeks "normal" full time work - these hours may be compressed into a single week but you will need a lot of recovery time to survive a week like that.

I think the total you charge should be over £1000 for that amount of work. £110 per 24 hours is less than minimum wage.

If there is an expectation that you will be able to rest and sleep some of the time, how about £10 per hour for each hour that you are awake, engaged and actually providing care, and £5 per hour where you are "on duty" if anything were to happen (like the baby wakes and needs you - triggering the £10 rate again) but if nothing happens you can rest/sleep/whatever. You'd need to keep a log but I'd expect it to work out more like £200 per 24 hours.

Out2pasture Mon 12-Sep-16 04:22:43

someone yesterday told me they paid £1000 a week.

WickedGirl Mon 12-Sep-16 11:32:53

There is a really helpful group on Facebook for maternity nurses

In London, experienced maternity nurses charge anything from £150-£300 per 24 hours. A 10 hour night shift is generally paid at £150-£250

Most 24 hour maternity nurses write a close into their contract giving them a break during the day of 3 or 4 hours

MHarper Mon 12-Sep-16 13:05:03

Thanks all, I'll do as CodyKing suggests and charge for 5 and I'll put in my contract £110/24h or part thereof. I have that for my hourly rate but didn't think about doing it for daily rate.

I'm only just starting out as a maternity nanny so can't charge too much, I hope to be on £150/24h once I've got experience but that'll be a little while. I know the hourly rate is really low but it's a job I really enjoy and once I've got more experience I'll have more flexibility over what jobs I can take on.

I have told the mother that I'll need 3 hours off each day, although not sure how that will work on the last day as its not a full 24h, maybe i'll suggest 1.5hours off.

I'd hope to get breaks when the baby sleeps, but the mother has mentioned helping with her young toddler so am worried that she expects me to be on duty with him when the baby sleep. It's something I need to discuss with the mother.

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