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Help needed!Childminder or Nursery

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Motherhen322 Fri 09-Sep-16 07:16:53


Hi,just need help and advice. My 3.6yrs old toddler started nursery which is 10mins from where we live when he was 2yrs old,but ever since he started the nursery he had one infection after the other from conjunctivitis to pneumonia each twice that required hospitalisation. However,he's 3.6yrs nw and is very active and caring..... but now im about to start uni in 2weeks and dont know if i should leave him at the nursery for the free 3yr old early entitlement and pay a childminder for more hrs or i should leave him at one place? Bear in mind,as a single parent and a student i wouldn't want him to be left without care e.g sickness and hols with cm.... pls advice

Maryann1975 Fri 09-Sep-16 20:32:25

If he is settled at nursery, would it not be better to leave him where he is and just increase his hours. Is it the infection/illness thing why you don't want to increase nursery hours? If he is there any way, I don't think it matters if he goes for part of the day or a whole day, he is going to be exposed to the germs already.

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