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Ofsted registered after school nanny, does that exist???

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Threeschools Wed 31-Aug-16 13:55:55

Hi, I would like to find an after school nanny that is also ofsted registered so I can use my childcare vouchers, the agency I contacted were not that helpful, so I am wondering if I am asking for the moon here. Is it a pain for a a nanny to be registered with Ofsted?

nannynick Wed 31-Aug-16 21:48:47

It does exist but it may be hard to find. Decide if you would consider having a NWOC (Nanny With Own Child) as it may appeal to them. You need to consider whom it may appeal to given the low number of hours care required.

Not a great pain for a nanny to be registered with Ofsted. 10% of nannies are inspected. Biggest pain is probably the cost... £103 per year for the Ofsted registration and £13 per year for DBS Update Service. Things like nanny insurance, DBS check, first aid training, common core/childcare training most nannies will already have.

Karoleann Wed 31-Aug-16 22:02:32

It depends where you live. Inside London its not a major issue, in home counties its very difficult to attract and keep an after school nanny.

Anywhere else its different again, where living costs are lower and you can offer to cover the costs of OFSTED registration you may well find someone who is willing to do the job. If it's less that 16 hours it affects benefits less.
With the first aid certificate, I would put a proviso that the nanny has to pay the amount back if she leave within a year and ensure you pay in arrears + 1 week. They have to have their own insurance - otherwise its not valid, but you can offer to lady towards DBS and registration (but again i would but a proviso that the have to pay costs back if they leave within a certain time frame.

littleladyluna Thu 01-Sep-16 10:11:35

I'm an Ofsted registered after school nanny in Central London. We are not cheap but we do exist. Where are you located OP?

Threeschools Thu 01-Sep-16 18:50:21

I am in London actually, what is the hourly rate?

Ididthattoo Sat 03-Sep-16 20:48:33

I know one that would suit. Where in London?

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