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Parent owes money

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Nichaf1995 Thu 25-Aug-16 17:34:29

Hello, I'm just looking for people's opinion's on a situation I'm going through or if any one has been through a similar situation have you got any advice..

Basically I was suppose to start with a family in September but the job fell through (one minute she was saying she wanted me full time, then part time and then eventually turned around and said she didn't want me at all). I'm lucky enough to have found another job so it's all good but I have already babysat for her (single mum) a handful of times, we were trying to ease the kids in before September. She was suppose to pay me at the end of July but so many things have happened (so she saids) that have prevented her from transferring the money over to my account. I texted her last week to ask why she hadn't transferred the money over yet and she replied with "I'm on holiday until next week so you will have to wait until then". I'm quite a patient person, hence why I've waited until now when realistically I should have been paid a long time ago.
I feel like she is taking the piss big time as we are now near the end of August. I also noticed she had logged into child yesterday which indicates she isn't very busy.
I babysit for another family whom I have confided in as they are lovely people, the father is a solicitor and has kindly offered to write a letter to the lady in question regarding the money she owes me. I have already taken him up on his offer as I'm seeing them on Monday (hopefully he will do it over the weekend for me). My question is should I text her one last time just to basically warn her that I'll be seeking legal advice and sending a letter out or should I just do it? - she has no idea these are people I babysit for. For the sake of £150 you think she would just pay it, all I'm asking for is what I'm owed! X

Ketchuponpizza Thu 25-Aug-16 17:39:15

So sorry to hear you are going through this. I had similar when I was a childminder, she was a young single mum and I was a soft touch.

She owed me a months wages and even though she signed payment plans, made promises, I never got a penny. I ended up filing a CCJ, just to make myself feel better.

(She now works in our local and has the cheek to blank me or pretend she doesn't know who I am!)

I don't have any advice, but just wanted to give you a virtual hug and say, I'm sorry, because it's shit. X

Nichaf1995 Thu 25-Aug-16 17:53:17

Hi Ketchuponpizza - thank you for being so kind and sending a message over. It is very shit indeed especially as she was on holiday last week so she can't exactly be skint. She is actually a manager of a nursing home (not that I would ever do anything as I pride myself on being professional) but I'm sure people would be shocked to find out that she doesn't pay her child care bill. X

Callaird Thu 25-Aug-16 18:36:28

I wouldn't give her another call, just send the letter (or better still get your solicitor friend to send it through his work so it gets franked) I've been in this situation many times, thankfully not nanny employers, but babysitting and lending 'friends' money. I have three ex-employers who are solicitors who sent out letters for me. It worked a treat every time. I know only babysitters for people who I trust and never lend money.

I hope you get your money asap!

Trifleorbust Thu 25-Aug-16 18:41:15

I think you've given her enough chances now. Just send the letter.

insancerre Thu 25-Aug-16 18:45:22

Just send the letter
You have been more than patient

I can sympathise
I'm a nursery manager and collecting some fees is a nightmare
This month I've had to suspend a child's place and another parent told me she couldn't pay as the cat ate her money

Nichaf1995 Thu 25-Aug-16 19:20:45

Thank you all for you're lovely comments, I really appreciate it.
I guess I'm just worrying that if by some miracle she pays me in the next few days and I've already sent the letter out. What do I do if that happens? X

Nichaf1995 Thu 25-Aug-16 19:21:50

I just really didn't want it to come to this, I mean honestly it's £150!!? It's just crazy X

Trifleorbust Thu 25-Aug-16 19:30:17

It doesn't matter if she gets the letter once she's paid - she can simply respond saying she has paid or she can ignore it.

£150 isn't buttons, OP. She might be struggling for the cash, but it's not the point. You did the work, she is ignoring reasonable requests for payment and she is speaking to you like shit to be fair ('you'll have to wait'!). No, you are well within your rights.

NapQueen Thu 25-Aug-16 19:32:05

Are you still considering starting working for her?

Nichaf1995 Thu 25-Aug-16 19:54:05

No not at all - I will try and explain the events leading up to this situation as best I can. I met with the family (single mum, little girl and little boy) back in mid June. She worked Monday to Friday, Girl was in after school club and boy was in nursery due to having development issues (after school club could not fund 1-1 care). Mum was looking for a nanny due to this situation and she preferred them to be in more of a home environment anyway (her own words). She told me that the after school club would flat out not fund 1-1 care and this is why she wanted a nanny. At first she told me it would be full time after school hours and then it went down to part time hours but basically she said she would let me know once she knew for definite. (I was babysitting two nights a week 6-9pm to ease the kids in, this is the money she owes me). One month goes by and of course I was panicking as we only had 4 weeks until the children started back at school, we didn't have a contract prepared or anything and every time I mentioned doing once she always looked at me as if I had three heads or something. Anyway about 3 weeks ago I texted her basically saying that I really needed to know what the hours would be otherwise I would have to seek alternative employment. Suddenly the next day she texted me and said that the after school club had phoned and said he could receive funding and that she would be using them. At this point I was very angry and upset as I had waited over a month to be told that I didn't have a job (I had turned down other families because she told me she wanted me). She did ask me if I still wanted to do the original hours 6-9pm two nights a week which is what i was already doing but I wasn't interested due to the trust being gone. I can't prove it but I honesty believe she knew all along that there was a chance the after school club could get funding but didn't tell me that just incase it fell through so I was like a back up. Like I said I can't prove it but it's very strange to me that the day after I text basically saying I need to know the hours she was told he could get funding. I always knew something was up because every time I mentioned september she looked at me like I was crazy or something! Anyway I think she is basically bitter because I didn't want to carry on babysitting for her as her kids had really bonded with me (her own words) also she wanted to go to the gym so I think she's pissed off about that. It might seem harsh that I didn't want to carry on babysitting for her but she really left me up shit creek leading me on like that for over a month, I was just lucky that another job turned up but it could of been a very different situation, plus I don't want to work for someone who I can't trust! Anyway I think that's why she won't pay me because she's pissed off I didn't carry on with the babysitting.....

Nichaf1995 Thu 25-Aug-16 19:56:36

I hope that all made sense X

LightTripper Fri 26-Aug-16 09:46:37

Sounds really awful Nichaf. I don't think it matters if you text her to say you are consulting lawyers and if she doesn't pay you will have to send a letter. It might be worth a try (might get you paid quicker) - but don't feel you have to do it. I really hope the letter does the trick, she doesn't sound very nice and as you say, if she's been on holiday she can hardly claim she can't afford it (not that this would be an excuse anyway - she shouldn't have arranged the sits if she didn't know she could pay for them).

Hope you have much better luck with your new employers!

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 26-Aug-16 21:22:48

Sounds like a lucky escape tbh and yes sure she was hedging her bets !!!

I would text and ask again for the money and you will be seeking legal advice if payment isn't in your account in 48hrs

That way you've given her a warning as such and if she doesn't comply you get the letter written for you

junebirthdaygirl Fri 26-Aug-16 21:37:40

Often those letters say if you have paid in the meantime please ignore this letter at the end. So send letter.

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