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Help R.E parent and childminder visits

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Elbekind Thu 25-Aug-16 13:55:18

Hi everyone, I was looking for some advice on what you all do when you have parents come to visit your home.
I have had one set of parents come so far and although they decided to go with me, I feel like I was very lucky because the visit was a bit chaotic! Their children came so it was difficult for us to talk and I feel like the parents didn't actually get any time to look through my policies, risk assessments, welcome pack etc.
I have another family coming tomorrow without their children, so I was thinking of bringing them into the lounge, showing them my documents and giving them the welcome pack and then giving them a tour of the house including the play room, which is upstairs.
However I still feel like all the paperwork they have to look through is a bit extreme and it just all feels a bit awkward.. Another thing is that I am currently looking after one 2 y o full time so she needs to be playing with something whilst they look through the papers, however we don't really have any toys in the lounge and I don't really want it to look like a total mess.
I'd really love if some of you could tell me how your visits went, both as a childminder as a parent.

Thurlow Thu 25-Aug-16 14:12:44

As a parent I wouldn't mind at all that there are toys in the room for the 2yo. In fact, if I were you I'd make it quite clear that you want to talk to the parents but you do still have a mindee to look after - that's just what happens if they visit during the day.

Do you have electronic copies of your paperwork? I remember CMs I went to see having their packs ready but also offering to email copies of policies through if we wanted to read them in detail later.

Maryann1975 Thu 25-Aug-16 15:04:15

Ive been a cm for over 10 years. Some parents are really into looking at paperwork, but the vast majority give it a polite glance and put the folder down. They aren't really bothered too much about it so don't try and make them read it. I've found parents are more into finding out what you are like as a person and what to find out a bit about you, why you are a xm, a bit about your family/home set up, any pets, what activities you do and how you cope if you have different aged children (some parents can not comprehend you are able to deal with a six year old and a baby at the same time), the structure of your day, things like food, holidays, payment all need to be talked about, but I've found parents like to talk about it rather than read it.
Why don't you have toys in the lounge? Is that something that can be worked around? I wouldn't be happy as a prospective parent if the child was in another room, but equally she needs to be doing something. Can you not sit the parents in the room you normally play in so the child has something to do?

Elbekind Thu 25-Aug-16 17:25:41

Thank you for your reply.
The problem with toys in the living room is more to do with the fact that it is the only room in the house I don't have the children and therefore it is not kid friendly. By having toys in there (there is now where for them to go so they will be all over the floor) it will be suggesting I let the children play in there, IYSWIM?
I do have electronic copies and that is actually a great idea. I will send everything to them afterwards for them to look through.
Thank yousmile

Elbekind Thu 25-Aug-16 17:29:41

Sorry to cross post, I didn't see your post Maryann.
The living room is the only room of my house I do not have children. I have a separate arts and crafts room, playroom, nursery and garden so no need really to bring toys into the lounge. The problem with all of the rooms mentioned above is that they don't have adult seating as I sit on the floor with the children.
I do have a dining room, however that is currently under construction so I'd rather not take them in.
Thank you for the advice- I am much happier talking about things than sitting in silence whilst a parent looks through my folders anyway! smile

thisgirlrides Sun 28-Aug-16 00:01:20

I would take them into the playroom & just apologise for lack of adult seating - you're a cm, you are working & this lets parents see how & where their child will spend their time . As a patent if be much happier with this than sat in a formal living room with minimal toys to entertain bored toddlers whilst you try & talk business.

HSMMaCM Sun 28-Aug-16 10:20:10

I agree. No sitting down with paperwork. Email is your friend. You could send your welcome pack in advance if you want them to have some information before. Take them into the playroom, play with their child, walk them around your setting. If they seem to want to sit down, offer to fetch a couple of dining chairs into the room.

If they're interested and want to see more, talk through contracts, etc, then you can have a more formal sit down meeting, but they already know how you work.

kathryng90 Mon 29-Aug-16 21:56:07

I also email a welcome pack with a list of answers to frequently asked questions so they have a rough idea of what I am about. I don't mind visits during the day but I am working and the kids are my priority so would explain that the initial meet is to see how we 'gel' together, give the parents chance to have a quick look round and to see me in action. A more formal viewing of policies etc is offered outside of working hours. I would take them straight to your playroom as that is where their child will be spending their time.

Rattusn Tue 30-Aug-16 09:17:03

As a parent viewing a cm, the most important thing for me is getting a good feeling about the cm, and seeing that their mindees are happy.

Paperwork is very much secondary. As all childminders are ousted registered I assume that most have done similar courses/training, and have similar policies.

Seeing the playroom, and how you interact with your mindee would be ideal.

Randytortoise Tue 30-Aug-16 09:22:17

As a parent who has just picked a new cm I would find it really weird that I was taken to the only room my dc were not allowed in during the day. I would have expected to spend time where they would be, so I could check out how suitable it would be for my dc. I would forget going into the living room at just do.ghe playrooms.

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