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Self employed nanny

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treetops104 Mon 22-Aug-16 14:34:27

I've worked as a nanny for about two and a half years. In that time I've worked with 5 families. One family I'm still with, two were term time and temporary, one I left and one I've recently started with. I've been self employed (registered with HMRC and did a self assessment tax return for 14/15, due to do 15/16 now) but I've been reading that nannies are rarely self employed? Have I not registered with HMRC correctly? Should I contact them? Any advice appreciated!

nannynick Mon 22-Aug-16 15:19:51

Do permanent work as employed and ad hoc / occasional work (like babysitting) through your business.

For permanent work you want to have employment rights such as paid holiday, maternity leave, redundancy. For ad hoc work you want the flexibility to turn down work offers, decide what you charge and what you do.

When completing your tax return your employed jobs come off first, so you will be paying at least 20% tax on business profits.

treetops104 Mon 22-Aug-16 20:55:34

Thanks so much for your help!

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