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I'm a new nanny - Any tips?

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chlo03 Tue 09-Aug-16 23:33:57

Hi I've just got a job as a nanny to 4 children,3 boys and 1 girl, boys are 9,7,2 and a half and girl is 5. Any tips from fellow nannies or childminders or even parents? It's my first time doing this so any help would be appreciated

trickydickie Wed 10-Aug-16 00:31:08

If it is the school summer holidays then try and get out as much as possible with the children. Take lunch out with you all. Trawl through the internet and find local free or cheap activities you can take the kids to. Where I live there is always something on a couple of days a week. See if the kids want to meet up with any of their friends. Maybe see if friend's Mum/Dad want to meet up on a day out. Always great getting a bit of adult company when out with the children. Or maybe you have friends with children who you could all meet up with too. Once schools are back get out and about to toddlers groups (usually off during summer hols) and I am sure you will meet other parents/nannies/childminders as well. Good luck but not too hard if it isn't too wet and you can get them all out and about.

chlo03 Wed 10-Aug-16 00:40:15

thanks so much for your reply, the ideas you put forward all seem great and I'm going to give them a try

Cindy34 Wed 10-Aug-16 08:03:44

Have a plan for each day but be adaptable. Go with the flow, your plan may not be what the children want, so take their lead. Always pack a picnic, or at least drinks and a few snacks. 4-children costs loads if eating out. Discuss an activities budget with the parents, also discuss how far you can take them and consider travel. For younger children travelling somewhere is a huge part of the outing, some love trains or going a bus.

Once back at school, have a good routine for mornings so all are fed and ready to leave the house in time to get older children to school. Find toddler group(s) to go to for youngest child, also look at taking them swimming - with 4 children you can't take them all swimming (pools have adult:child ratios) but you can take one or two children. Also look at other places locally that youngest may like to go to whilst older siblings are at school.

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Wed 10-Aug-16 08:25:06

Get as much information from the parents as you can, Draw up a list of questions to ask them and arrange a meeting before you start if you need to.
Find out exactly what the parents expect of you, will they have outings etc planned for you, will they provide money for days out/refreshments, travel expenses or will you be paying and then being reinbursed at a later date? (receipts usually required).

Do any of the children have additional needs or dietary requirements? allergies or phobias?

Find out their usual routine, general mealtimes. I would get as much information about the 2 year old's routine. Naptimes, mealtimes, food preferences, is he being potty trained? Sticking to his usual routine will help the toddler feel more secure in your care.

Also, ask the mum to teach you how to use the toddler's buggy! How to collapse it, use the brake. I remember starting a new job, driving to a lovely park and spending a disastrous half an hour trying to put the buggy up. grin

For the first few days, I would concentrate on getting to know the children and doing simple short activities before planning a big day out.

Some of these points seem a bit picky, but they honestly will make your job easier. Good luck smile

chlo03 Wed 10-Aug-16 16:54:15

Thanks everyone for the advice, I think I'll take everyday as it comes, and see where I get from there, I want to get a routine established before school starts so I'm not running around mad in the morning so me or the kids aren't stressed so hopefully I'll get there

trickydickie Wed 10-Aug-16 20:04:51

Chloe you've been great advice. I was advising as a Mum of four children who have been the same ages as the four you will be looking after. I am sure the parents will just be delighted if you get the children out at some point every day during the holidays. Advice about the buggy is fab. I have abonded my car when I couldn't get a buggy to collapse back down! Definitely advise getting the buggy up and down a few times before you get it in a car! Good luck and I am sure you will all have loads of fun.

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