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Is £21K gross realistic for a live in nanny in south-east London

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Sausage2Sausage2Sausage Wed 03-Aug-16 13:10:02

Hi everybody, trying to work out whether getting a live-in nanny might be remotely possible. They would be caring for two school age children and one baby for about 40 hours a week. Does that sound remotely doable? Or am I being completely unrealistic? Thanks!

Artandco Wed 03-Aug-16 13:13:14

It sounds way to low.

Most live in nannies in that area are around £450+ net a week. That's around £550+ gross

Artandco Wed 03-Aug-16 13:14:52

For London gross:

Live out - around £35,000
Live in - around £28-30,000

Of course that's average, but not many will work for less, and a lot will be wanting higher also

Sausage2Sausage2Sausage Wed 03-Aug-16 13:25:07

Ah. OK! Thanks. Looks like we might be thinking again!

NuffSaidSam Wed 03-Aug-16 17:40:10

It's ok if the 40 hours is over four days.

If it's five days then it is probably too low.

It also depends on the accommodation provided. If it's particularly nice (e.g. granny flat or similar) you can get away with paying less. Also, if there are other perks e.g. can you provide a car or gym membership or theatre tickets or extra holiday/chances to travel. Anything that you can get free/subsidised that you can pass on as a bonus is good.

The other factor is how qualified you need them to be. If you're looking for training and years of experience then it's too little. If you're happy with someone with a first aid course, few years experience (maybe as an au pair) and who has good common sense /interest in chidren/kind etc. then you could find someone.

I would advertise the job on, nannyjob and/or gumtree and see who applies. Ring round your local agencies and see what they think too.

Yikesitshot Wed 10-Aug-16 11:03:06

Having just been through the live-in nanny recruitment process (I'm in West London), I don't agree with Artandco. If you look at the good nanny agencies (Abbeville, Kensington, Nannies of St James), most live in jobs are advertised between £350 - 450npw and that is for a full time week (up to 60hours). Clearly there are roles that will pay more than this but the majority fell into this bracket. Give you're only after 40 hours (and particularly if is a 4 day role), I think you might find someone. Best to speak to the agencies.

One comment I came across a fair bit when we were looking a couple of months ago, is that live-in candidates (particularly drivers) are few and far between at the moment. Most nannies want to live-out.

holzyb20 Thu 11-Aug-16 11:36:55

Hi I have sent you a pm x

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