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2 things about

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nannylife Sun 31-Jul-16 22:13:26

Does anyone know if the liability insurance they offer is ok to use instead of the moron Michel one?? (I'm an Ofsted registered Nanny) Mine runs out soon so if this covers then I don't need to pay out again.

2nd thing, if you use code 31July you can get half price gold subscription today! !! So I just paid £50 for 1 year! Which I think is a bargain!

Borntobeamum Tue 02-Aug-16 09:36:18

I've spoken to my LA and they state what offer is totally acceptable.
I'm a GOLD member and will always be! I got it for £50 for the year a few years ago and it always renews at £50. It soon pays for itself in my opinion. I won't be renewing with MM later this month.

bigdonna Tue 02-Aug-16 18:33:33

hi i am currently a gold member i pay by direct debit 19.99 a month does anyone know if i cancelled the dd then put the code in would i get for 50 ayr thanks

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