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How to recruit a nanny!

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magpieC Wed 27-Jul-16 09:42:31

I'm looking to recruit an after school nanny for my Yr1 DS for one/two days a week. I've advertised locally and found someone who might be interested but what do I do now?

She hasn't mentioned Ofsted registration - how can I look up whether someone is registered?

It looks as if Ofsted registration requires DBS check - is that right? How can I get this done if she's not registered (or I do I not go there)?

What kind of questions should we ask at interview? What kind of process is normal?

I've had a quick look at the nannytax site from a payroll point of view which looks useful and I've picked up enough from here to know to discuss gross rather than net salaries but that's about it!

I see they also offer a sample contract - is that OK in people's experience?

Any other handy tips/advice for a first time nanny employer?

nannynick Wed 27-Jul-16 12:52:48

NannyPaye will write you a bespoke contract and their annual admin fee is lower, so worth looking at them - you can also call them for a no-obligation chat.

You will need to ask the nanny specifically if they are Ofsted registered. The registration process can take many months so if you need someone already registered and this person is not you will need to keep looking. Are you needing to use childcare vouchers or tax credits?

Cindy34 Wed 27-Jul-16 14:45:45

DBS check she can get via or via a nanny agency. It must be on the DBS Update Service if she is to register with Ofsted as a Home Childcarer. Did you advertise specifically for an Ofsted registered nanny? If so, then ask to see her registration certificate. If not, then as Nick says, it can take months to register.

Cindy34 Wed 27-Jul-16 14:56:26

Interview them either alone, or with your DS present. Doing it daytime with DS can help to see how they interact. If you just have the one applicant for the job, then I would interview with children as you are not shortlisting applicants.

Ask about what childcare work they have done in the past, what was good, what was not so good. Ask what they like doing... you may want someone who has a similar style to you, or you may want the polar opposite. If you dislike taking DS out to museums, then finding a nanny who loves doing that can be great as they can then do those trips. Consider how the job is different in school holidays vs school term time - or is it a term time only job?

Discuss pay, ideally before meeting but certainly at interview. You need to be clear about what you are offering and how pay will work, so talk to the payroll company first so you know likely cost of monthly vs weekly pay, term time only vs all year round. Do talk about what other work they do, don't overly pry in to what they earn but you need to know how your job fits with other commitments they have. You want to be sure they will always be able to collect DS from school. Transport - how will they collect DS, is it walkable, or do they need to drive? Talk about that sort of thing, including parking.

Cooking - an after school job may be mostly about doing afternoon tea. Can they bake a cake? Does DS like helping with cooking, could you see them doing baking after school? Discuss what you would want them doing with DS after school - some days a local playground, school reading book, building lego, DS could show them things that interest him.

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