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Posting photos on social network site without permission by afterschool club

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user1469387256 Sun 24-Jul-16 20:57:59

Hi Mams,

My son was going to after school club , and there my husband signed that he don't want pictures to be taken or posted online ,however, after few months , I was looking into Facebook, and I find my kid photos , I told my husband and he send an email to them asking them to remove it ,and after a month I checked Facebook again and I find the photos still , my question can I complain to the police as my kid is less than 18Ys ? as my kid not there any more , I knew that I cant complain to the after school club if my kid not there any more , any advice please ?

Newes Sun 24-Jul-16 21:00:45

The police won't do anything. Send a formal letter to the manager of the Club requesting them to remove the photos.

user1469387256 Sun 24-Jul-16 21:10:11

we send ,but they didnt act

HSMMaCM Sun 24-Jul-16 21:17:22

Report it to Facebook?

WhimsicalWinnifred Sun 24-Jul-16 21:19:43

Speak to the leader of the club. This is extremely serious. There could be good reas on that you signed the forms and they need to adhere. Speak to whoever you need to. I don't know if this is head teacher or whoever. Did they receive the letter?

Maryann1975 Sun 24-Jul-16 21:26:38

I think this could be seen as a safeguarding issue. Our county has really strict rules for childcare settings/education settings with regard to social media. I'm not sure who you would complain to, but maybe the council or ofsted? (I'm not normally one for suggesting complaining to ofsted, but you have asked the setting, they have ignored you. Tbh I'm not sure why you can't complain to the setting even if your child has left. They didn't follow your lack of permissions while your child was there, so surely you can still complain about that?)

user1469387256 Sun 24-Jul-16 23:14:18

I feel like a lost , as it's serious and I don't know to whom I should complain to take official action against the club to remove the pictures and if any legal action to be taken as well

user1469387256 Sun 24-Jul-16 23:14:43

The complaint reached to the headteacher ,no action done after that

DonkeyOaty Sun 24-Jul-16 23:21:27

The club may be run by an outside organisation. Look on the paperwork you should have from sign-up

You could call your Local Authority education dept for advice - They probably won't be able to take action but might signpost next steps

insancerre Tue 02-Aug-16 17:53:47

Write a letter to the after school club stating that despite not having permission they have posted a photo of your child on social media and that you would like it removed immediately
State that your previous request has been ignored so you would like a reply within 7 days confirming the images have been removed
State that if you do not receive written confirmation within 7 days you will be making a complaint to ofsted and seeking legal advice
Send it recorded delivery and keep copies of all correspondence

There are reasons they have to ask for permission

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