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Lovely Parents

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Therewere5inthebed Tue 19-Jul-16 16:59:07

I'm sitting here feeling incredibly lucky, I'm a registered childminder and have just had a major operation which has meant me taking three months off from work, my first thought when I was told about the recovery period was utter horror as I have six families that I would be letting down and they are all lovely

I expected at least two of them to take their children elsewhere as it would cause major disruption, however they have all, without exception been utterly amazing, some taking unpaid leave, using family members and other local childminders to cover my absence so that they can come back to me as soon as I am well enough.

If that wasn't enough they have all visited me at least once a week and spoilt me rotten with cards, flowers, plants, chocs and cakes. I'm rather overwhelmed by it all.

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HSMMaCM Tue 19-Jul-16 20:23:45

This happened to me when I had an operation. The parents were wonderful. I was so worried and had nothing to worry about.

Therewere5inthebed Tue 19-Jul-16 21:02:02

Exactly HSMMaCM when the consultant told me my very first thought was how would they all react. (Rather than 'oh shit I didn't expect that') It's such a worry but amazing when you realise how appreciated you are.

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