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Finding a family to nannyshare with

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sarahnova69 Thu 14-Jul-16 10:52:51

Hi all,

We're moving to a new area (West London) in a few months and would ideally like to have a nannyshare as childcare there. We have one in our current area, but our nanny will be staying with the other family when we go. Currently it doesn't look like there are any families wanting someone to join an existing share in the right area so we're considering whether we hire a nanny ourselves and then look for the right other family. However, if we struggled to find someone in a fairly short time period, it would be hard to afford the nanny alone.

Any advice? I think we are going to be looking at interesting people in a nannyshare who currently use other childcare. Any good suggestions for where to find an interested family? How good are my odds on being able to do so?

Karoleann Thu 14-Jul-16 14:37:50

I'd try a card in a few newsagents windows a card in the library, especially if they have a rhyme time there, another place you could try advertising for a share is the NCT newsletter for the place you're going to move to. It used to be around £25 for a small ad when I used to do the newsletter.

Lots of people have nannies in West London, so I can't imagine it'll be too hard to find someone to share with.

sarahnova69 Thu 14-Jul-16 15:02:01

Thanks Karoleann, good tips! Will do.

Forresitters1 Thu 14-Jul-16 20:49:17

What part of West London are you moving to? As Karoleann said there are lots of nannies/nannyshares in that part of London so you shouldn't find it that hard.
If you are on FB search for your local area childcare group. I have one for my area and it helps families out a great deal.
Also try searching, nanny and simply

sarahnova69 Fri 15-Jul-16 15:14:12

Hanwell W7, borough of Ealing. Lots of people looking around Northfields, but not quite near enough to us! Thanks for suggestions, really helpful. Have tried some but not all yet. Guess I just have to decide whether we have the courage and budget to commit to a nanny and count on finding the right family a bit later...

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