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Should we get an au pair?

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jasperoo2 Thu 07-Jul-16 16:36:08

I'm thinking about getting an au pair, I have considered this before but have been concerned about how I would feel having someone living in the house, however arranging childcare around both of our shifts is difficult and stressful ! Any advice would be very much appreciated, how much pocket money should I be expected to pay and also do most au pairs expect access to a car? I'm not sure we could afford another car ! Will they do some chores? I would love to hear both good and bad experiences.

Karoleann Thu 07-Jul-16 18:42:28

It depends - how old are your children? How much childcare do you need? Are you willing to have a childcarer who is not just an employee, but someone with whom you will have an emotional tie? Do your children have any special needs? Do you live near language schools/other au pairs? Do you have a spare bedroom and enough bathrooms for an extra person?

If you live somewhere without good transport links then you will need to offer access to a car, if you live in London its not necessary. When we had 2 cars, we used to say that the second car could be used at the weekend if it was free, so sometimes she would use it and sometimes we would.

Yes, they do light housework. Pocket money varies from £80-£120, more if you want an Aussie.

We find having an au pair amazing, its very flexible and the children enjoy having a relationship with them. Its not always straightforward, but making expectations completely clear before they arrive (on both sides) cuts down on potential problems.

Purplemummy3 Sun 10-Jul-16 18:32:04

Hi I have a lovely Czech Au Pair who is available to work in the UK from 23rd July until October. She drives, cooks well and keeps the house clean.

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