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Pre-registration visit help

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Elbekind Thu 07-Jul-16 13:16:08

Hi everyone(:
I'm on the last stage of becoming registered as a childminder now. I have finished all my courses, given Ofsted all my references, DBS checks, health declaration forms, etc and all I am waiting on is a phone call to book my inspection date. I have written all my policies, got a noticeboard by my front door with my fire safety procedure, certificates for first aid training and my level 3 HBCA and my insurance certificate all on it. I also have furniture in front of plug sockets where possible, safety catches on doors, child-proof locks on all cabinets low enough for children to open etc etc.
I have a few questions which I was hoping you lovely ladies (and gentlemen) could help me with.
1. Have I forgotten anything I might need for my inspection? I do have some risks assessments for each area of the house, but haven't got as far as doing any for trips out or things like that yet.
2. We have had some problems with drainage in our garden so have had to dig the entire garden out in order to install drainage and fill it back in, plant grass etc. It will probably be a few months before all this is done and the garden is safe. Will I still be able to register the garden, even with it in this state?
3. As we have just renovated the property, there are small jobs that still need doing for aesthetic reasons and make the place look a bit unfinished e.g. not painted the hall way ceiling so you can still see the plaster, unpainted trims round the doors, unpainted doors themselves. None of the jobs that need doing are a problem where safety is concerned. Do you think Ofsted will mind that the place does not look finished?
4. What will happen at the end of my pre-registration visit? I know that I will have to wait for my certificate to come through in the post, but will this have a 'grade' on it (i mean outstanding, good with outstanding aspects etc). If not, when will I obtain a 'grade'?
5. My partner and I are both getting registered together, so will have the inspection together. Does anyone have any experience of how this will pan out? Who will they be asking the questions to?
My partner is still learning the ropes as far as childcare is concerned, we are getting him registered so that it is a possibility for him to join me in the future but we are not sure if we will actually work together so I would prefer he wasn't asked a lot of questions as he may not know the answer to a lot of them. Also he has not finished his level 3 HBCA yet, whereas I have.
Sorry for such a long post, thank you so much for taking the time to read all this. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated smile

jannier Thu 07-Jul-16 14:25:36

Don't panic, most of the inspection is about suitability and knowing what you need to do for various ages and needs and to keep it safe. They are not interested in your decoration. Carefully explain about your garden how you risk assess any areas you know you need to look at or why you think they are okay. I don't use socket covers (they are more dangerous than having an open socket) and mine are not hidden by furniture I explain to children what boundaries are and have many no touch items at child level so they learn the rules for any building or home they visit, nobody has ever queried it since Ofsted took over.
If you have 2 independently registered cm's you have 2 separate reports and sometimes they are done on 2sseperate days, you could start off by being registered and then get your partner done later or registered as an assistant until he is ready. If both inspections are done on the same day the inspector will talk to you separately to make sure you know safeguarding and development, eyfs etc. If he's going to be a cm he has to know the basics but they don't expect you to know everything.
Your registration visit is not an inspection for grading that happens later once you have something to grade and children to work with.

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