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Childminder in Iver?

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MissWoolf2012 Sun 03-Jul-16 21:30:57

Dear Mumsnetters! Our LG will be starting in Reception in September 2017. Both my husband and I work in London - so we'll need a childminder to pick her up from school (which will be in Iver Village / Iver Heath). Does anyone know of a good childminder in this area?

Also - if all of this will only be needed from September 2017, am I a bit mad for wanting to start to arrange things now?

Words of wisdom very, very welcome!

jannier Mon 04-Jul-16 09:24:03

Your not mad now is the time I've had some booked in for a few months. Contact you local Families information for details of cm's or look at

Because you are on the boarders with Hillingdon it may be worth looking at their list too.
The school may have some ideas too.

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