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nanny vs nursery for 3 year old

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familyfarm Thu 30-Jun-16 18:30:30

We are in the fortunate position that we have two options for DD's childcare from September - she is 3 years old:

1. DD goes to local pre-school for 3 hours a day and the rest of the hours are covered by a nanny (4 days a week)

2. DD goes to a full time day care nursery (4 days a week)

She already has a nanny who will most likely to stay on, but if she leaves I may need to find someone else (which is always a nightmare!)

My brain says I should put her in full time day care, that way i don't have to worry at all, and I think my heart says local nursery & nanny. But I worry sometimes that she gets a bit bored with the nanny, especially if its raining outside.

What would you do? Any advice? Thanks smile

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