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Redundancy or job plan change?

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sleeplessinderbyshire Tue 28-Jun-16 10:34:16

We have an amazing nanny two days a week for DD2 who also has DD1 before and after school and in school holidays. DD2 starts school in September. We've already had a discussion about what happens then. Nanny has another string to her bow which is a self employed business which is growing loads.

She's agreed she'd like to do afterschool only for my two in term time with first refusal on any full days in holiday time (great local holiday club available for other days). I'd plan to increase her hourly rate by about 20% to make up for inconvenience of being afterschool only.

She's happy with this. We're now sorting out her contract. If I didn't want/need her at all I guess this would be redundancy. If she remains PAYE on different hours I think it's just a contact variation. What if (her suggestion) she did ad hoc after school care for us some weeks but not all, paid self employed where she tells us a month or two ahead what she can do and we use flexitime/after school club (ours is undersubscribed and works on an ad hoc month my month basis so no risk of no space)???

I'm happy to pay redundancy if needed. Not wriggling out of anything. She's not expecting redundancy (her old family just said her job was over when their youngest went to school) but I want to do the right thing by her. Also we adore her and she's part of the family really do I'm just delighted she wants to stay at really.

asg198 Tue 28-Jun-16 10:45:06

Not sure why she would want to go from paye to self employed ad hoc. On paye she gets paid holiday etc on self employed she doesn't unless she chooses to charge you for her time off and then you don't have to agree to that part of the contract and then use someone else for childcare. Is it a case of she doesn't actually want to be tied to doing every afternoon during term time for you and wants the flexibility to say when she does or doesn't work for you. As a nanny I would rather stay on paye then go self employed unless I need the flexibility to say I am not coming in on X y z day.

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