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Questions for Ofsted-registered nannies, please

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OhGood Mon 27-Jun-16 09:44:51

We've offered to get our excellent nanny Ofsteded.

If you are Oftsed-registered, or have an Ofsted-registered nanny, do you know if registered nannies can accept childcare vouchers? Can we use our 'free hours', and how does that work?

Excuse total ignorance - thank you.

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blublutoo Mon 27-Jun-16 12:26:47

Nannies do not offer the free hours, no. But yes you can use childcare vouchers. There'd be no point in her being ofsted registered otherwise, as that's the only benefit.

nannynick Mon 27-Jun-16 18:49:05

Childcare Vouchers - Yes.
Early Education Funding (15 hours) - No.
The additional 15 hours funding - No.

There is no definition of what a nanny is and thus it is very hard for nannies to be eligible for Government childcare funding. Tax Free Childcare scheme will be phased in soon and with luck nannies will be part of that - which will be good news for parents who are self-employed as they are unable to get Childcare Vouchers.

How Childcare Vouchers Work With A Nanny

Nanny registers with the scheme (in England, that means registering with Ofsted on the voluntary register. Guide (pdf)
Parents notify their voucher provider (often a third party company running the scheme for your employer, or may be handled in-house by your employer) of their childcare providers details. Nanny completes paperwork with bank details on so they can be paid.

When you are paid, part of your salary is deducted and put in the voucher scheme. You need to then authorise that voucher payment to your nanny (some systems will do this automatically. Have the payment date as soon as possible).
You pay your nanny as usual - looking at the Net pay figure on their payslip. You deduct voucher amount and transfer the rest of the payment.
So if voucher was £243 and their Net pay was £1300, then you would transfer £1057. The voucher company then pays the voucher to the nanny, resulting in the nanny getting a total of £1057+£243 = £1300
It is important to realise that the voucher payment can take several days to go through the banks.

OhGood Mon 27-Jun-16 21:40:20

This is incredibly useful - thank you very much. Exactly what I was trying to find out.

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