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Nanny - car breakdown

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girasol Mon 20-Jun-16 20:54:37

Hello, we've just taken on our first nanny who uses her own car to ferry our two young children around, generally (but not always) pretty short distances. We pay 45p per mile which she's happy with.

When I asked her she said doesn't have AA or similar cover, but for obvious reasons I'm keen she has some kind of plan if she does breakdown or have a flat tyre - even if it's just a couple of numbers of garages that can be called out and then paid for whatever needs doing. Before I have any further discussions with her, I'm wondering who should pay in the event that she does have a breakdown when she's working.

On the one hand, if she breaks down when she's driving my kids around I can see I should arguably be responsible, but on the other hand I'm already paying her 45p a mile (and while I know this is the 'going rate' I also think it's pretty generous as even including wear and tear etc, the actual cost to her of driving round is way lower than this). So part of me feels that any breakdown costs (whether AA membership or any 'pay as you go' costs) should really be covered by this and I shouldn't have to pay any more.

What do you think / has anyone else faced this please?


Zhx3 Mon 20-Jun-16 20:59:43

We got breakdown cover for our nanny. Green Flag do a decent deal. We also pay full mileage. Our nanny is brilliant, and we don't want to lose her!

In the grand scheme of nanny expenses, it's not really that much, and you wouldn't want her and your dc stuck on a dual carriageway or a car park in mid-winter!

nannynick Mon 20-Jun-16 21:07:36

Her car, she pays and she is responsible for having some kind of plan for if something was to happen whist driving with your children on board.

45p is the maximum rate before it is a taxable benefit. Depending on mileage done, engine size and other factors it may or may not represent actual cost of transport.

I agree that by paying the top amount you are reasonable to expect her to have something in place for breakdown cover.

However, having been involved in an incident where the children were in the car with me, when something happens you all deal with it the best you can. Having been rear ended my car was still drivable (bit chilly with a broken rear window) and my priority was to get the children home, not sit waiting for a breakdown truck.

Certainly reasonable to expect her to have some kind of rescue service available but if she won't then what do you do? Are you able to provide a car?

Perhaps adding it as an obligation in the contract would be worth considering.

girasol Mon 20-Jun-16 21:22:47

Thanks. Zhx3, do you recall vaguely how much your nanny's cover cost? Yes you're probably right that it's worth us paying to keep the nanny happy - I do like the idea of including it as a nanny obligation in any future contracts, but perhaps its unfair of me to spring it on her now.

Okkitokkiunga Mon 20-Jun-16 21:29:31

You used to be able to get AA cover for people only. IE if they were in the car it was covered. Could you get your DC's covered so then whether they were with nanny, family members or at a friends you would know they'd always be covered?

Whathaveilost Mon 20-Jun-16 21:32:15

45p isn't that generous for petrol and wear and tear. It would be if you paid her essential car allowance though.

Is she not able to get breakdown cover through her bank?

Zhx3 Mon 20-Jun-16 22:34:01

I think it was around £80-90? But we have had varying experiences with nannies, and very much believe that the good ones are worth their weight in gold!

NickMyLipple Mon 20-Jun-16 22:36:36

You can get breakdown cover very cheaply on comparison websites - mine was about £18 for the year for European and HomeStart.

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