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New to employing a Nanny - help!

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babynumber3eek Sun 19-Jun-16 23:58:53

My husband had a serious accident earlier this year and is currently in a spinal unit. We have two DC aged 20 months and 8 weeks. We are taking legal action against the driver who ran over my husband and as part of an initial needs assessment they have agreed we can hire a Nanny to help me as I'm basis on my knees trying to be all things to all people 24/7.

I've put 'adverts' on and childcare.Co. uk but I don't know anything worthwhile about Nanny contracts/ roles and responsibilities and so on. I don't work, so there will be limited sole charge work but obviously I want to maxing the positive impact having support could have on us.

If anyone has any example contracts/ hints and tips on hiring a Nanny or on duties etc if be glad to see them.

Thank you! Xx

babynumber3eek Mon 20-Jun-16 00:01:25

Please excuse the typos, on my phone with my baby asleep on one arm!

Cindy34 Mon 20-Jun-16 06:38:57

Nanny payroll companies can provide a contract as long as you use their payroll service (are you aware that you will need to provide your nanny with payslips and pay employers national insurance). Costs vary but generally is around £200 a year in admin fee. and are the big providers, so you will find lots of useful info on their websites.

With regard to job advert, try local newsagents if they have postcard ads. Try and consider using a nanny agency. A lot depends on where you are, as there are parts where there are lots of nannies and parts where there are few.

BrightandEarly Mon 20-Jun-16 06:44:29

I'm sorry, that sounds tough OP flowers

I also recommend using an agency and a nanny payroll company to take the stress out of this. There's also a very good section on mumsnet about questions to ask in the interviews (sorry I can't link on phone).

The agency will take a lot of details from you in terms of what you are looking for and only send you CVs of those that meet your requirements, which I found very helpful.

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