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questions about moving into full time nannying

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cherrycolaaddict Sat 11-Jun-16 20:39:15

I have been working part time - split shifts. I was paid for contracted hours and filled in time sheets for the month. So paid by the day's worked. This was a shared care, carer/housekeeper role

I am now looking to moving into a full time nannying role with 2 or 3 12 hour days and 2 or 3 shorter 8 hour days. Sole care, nursery duties only

I have a couple of questions from seasoned nannies

1. How is payment usually paid? Is it days worked between 2 dates? So the each month is a different amount. Or are you paid 4 weekly? What is the norm?

2. Food. Is it normal for me to bring my breakfast, lunch and dinner or is it usual to eat with the children using household food?

3. If a job is advertised at an hourly rate - is that likely to be negotiable or is the advertised rate likely to be final?

Big changes for me but I'm really looking forward to it. But these are a few questions I was wondering about. I have been to 4 interviews and have been invited back to meet the children for a second interview for 3 so want to have reason all questions prepared

littleladyluna Sun 12-Jun-16 00:10:00

I am paid monthly on the 28th, so yes, between two dates. Some nannies I know are paid weekly, on a Friday, for the hours worked that week. Very few nannies I know work variable hours - usually 11 hour days whether they are needed or not, so a set amount each week.

Food depends on the family. If working a 12 hours day I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the family's home (usually the same food as the children). Unless I want to eat something particularly special do I bring my own food. Usually the family tell me to add what I wasn't to the shopping list.

I always ask the family at interview if the salary is negotiable (I usually group interviews so I like to get as much information as possible).

Karoleann Sun 12-Jun-16 08:18:59

Our nannies were paid on the 1st of the month and then if they worked extra hours e.g.. babysitting, we just paid that as an extra.

Most families I know provide lunch only and then dinner too if you're babysitting. I don't know anyone who provides all three meals unless they have a live in nanny, although if its a really early start i.e. before 7, I don't think any family would mind you having breakfast at the house.

The salary question is interesting, I'm sure some families offer the absolute max they can afford and others are more negotiable.

Iguessyourestuckwithme Sun 12-Jun-16 10:12:58

1. How is payment usually paid? I am salaried so I am paid the same amount on the last day of every month, this is split between a bank transfer and childcare vouchers. Any overtime is paid additionally to this.

2. Food. Is it normal for me to bring my breakfast, lunch and dinner or is it usual to eat with the children using household food? I bring some of my own bits of food to the house, however I also help myself to food; I generally eat breakfast and lunch with the children so share their cereal/toast and when we have lunch I make a portion for me. I will also eat some fruit from the fruit bowl etc. I do the ocado shop and my boss will tell me to add bits to the shop that I like etc and if I'm doing an overnight will make sure there's some nice food in the fridge.

3. If a job is advertised at an hourly rate - is that likely to be negotiable or is the advertised rate likely to be final? It depends on the family there may be an opportunity to negotiate or for it to go up after a certain time frame.

RattieOfCatan Sun 12-Jun-16 12:52:02

1. I do differing hours on each of my days. I get a salary based on my usual weekly hours so get the same each month on the same day.

2. In most full time jobs you should get at least lunch provided I think. I don't but that's my choice as I'm a vegetarian and gluten free so it makes my life much much easier to prepare my own meals to bring in rather than trying to remember to ask my boss to buy my meals with the weekly shop (and then not eat them). I do help myself to food whilst working though, usually I have breakfast at work, help myself to fruit during the day and have some salad with my lunch! If there is something nice in I may have some but not always.

3. It depends on the job and the family!

nannynick Sun 12-Jun-16 14:26:05

1. Monthly. Weekly is probably next most popular. Then there are other methods such as bi-weekly, and 4-weekly. Payments are in arrears.

2. Parents will typically provide one meal during the working day. This may be lunch or tea depending on the working time. Some parents will provide two meals. You are expected to eat with the children and eat a similar thing.

3. It is great when a job is advertised with a salary as many do not include that. I would view the salary as being what the family are prepared to offer. Make sure you and they understand the difference between Net and Gross pay.

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