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Finding an au pair already in the UK

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WellErrr Mon 30-May-16 07:47:40

I need some help with the children but I'm heavily pregnant, low mobility and low on patience for homesick 18 year olds, to put it really bluntly.

I want someone who is already in the UK, can speak reasonable English, and who I can meet and can meet us.

Is there are website/Facebook page or agency which provides this? I've had a look but no joy.

Thank you!

Karoleann Mon 30-May-16 08:44:26

If you're in a high au pair volume area, your local gumtree should work, or there will be local au pair pages on Facebook. Alternatively you could advertise on London gumtree, but bear in mind that you need to offer a lot more than they are currently getting to tempt them away from London.

Many au pairs looking to stay in the UK look into junior nannying after their first hosting, which obviously pays a lot more.

I wouldn't discount au pair world, our new au pair starting in September has perfect English, is 24, and has au paired previously.

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