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Tips and experiences please - male au pair with pre teen daughter

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Atlasoftheworld Sun 29-May-16 11:10:32

We have DD 11 and DS 7. We have used an au pair for many years, always female. Main duties are taking kids to school, picking them up and looking after them until we get home around 6.30. Now that DD is older she can get herself to school and is spending more of her after school time in activities or at friends houses which means that the au pair mainly has DS to look after. There will still be periods of time when the au pair is caring for both.

I maybe gender stereotyping but I think DS will get a different experience with a male au pair and DH and I are thinking about this for the coming school year.

We are a little bit apprehensive, perhaps unreasonably, of having a male au pair around our DD and would appreciate any experiences any one can share and some tips and house rules?

PiledUpPenguins Mon 30-May-16 07:41:24

I have no experience as our APs have all been girls but my eldest DD is 10 and I think she would be quite self conscious and awkward with a 18 year old boy in the house. Have you talked to your DD to see what she thinks of this idea?

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