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Childminders - Early Education Entitlement Payment

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nannynick Sat 21-May-16 21:47:32

Any childminders get paid via local authority for the EEE or the 2yr old funding?

How does payment work - do they pay only at certain times in the term or do you get a monthly amount?

HSMMaCM Sat 21-May-16 23:38:39

We get paid once a term, but there's an estimated advance payment (based on our headcount returns) followed by an actual balancing payment and an advance for the next term. Does that make sense? I don't think all LAs are the same though.

nannynick Sun 22-May-16 09:25:22

Yes, I have read about that. Also that some local authorities will make the payment monthly.

What happens if a child starts with you and then leaves after a few weeks? You would have been paid by the LA for education that is not then provided. How do you cope with that situation. My worry is that if someone is paid say £570 (which it may well be at 85% of funding for a term) and they spend that, they would then have to pay back the LA somehow. How do you prevent that from happening?

I don't like the local authority led delivery method, it seems wrong that there can be different funding amounts in different areas and different payment schedules. Alas nothing I can do about that and it looks as though the same method will be used for the additional 15 hours of childcare entitlement from Sept 2017 (anyone in a trial area - how is the additional funding being paid for the trial?). Government has not made a final decision on funding method though they are very keen on it being via the local authority.

The payment from the LA is taxable isn't it? It is part of your income and you do pay tax on it like any other income. Nurseries and Childminders do profit/loss accounts, so are not paying the tax due until later on. If the funding was to be able to be used by registered nannies then the tax would be payable at least monthly, as they are an employee and paid under PAYE. So I am trying to work out how that could possibly work!

If nannies would ever be included in delivering the additional 15 hours of childcare entitlement is unknown but it is something that I am looking at as the Childcare Act 2016 does make it clear that the additional 15 hours is childcare, not education. Many nannies are former nursery workers so have delivered funded care and worked with EYFS so eventually maybe they could be allowed to provide all 30 hours but for now I am just looking at the additional 15 hours.

HSMMaCM Sun 22-May-16 10:33:57

We are expected o budget to repay overpayments.

If a child is with us on headcount day then we are paid for the whole term. If they leave early we keep the payment. If they start late we don't get paid.

If my setting is closed for any reason during term time, I extend the term at one end, to ensure they receive all their funded time.

Yea it's taxable as income.

HSMMaCM Sun 22-May-16 10:38:39

I don't mind my LA delivering it as they attend national meetings on our behalf and fight for a higher rate. I suppose it depends on your LA.

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