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Ofsted registering for a Nanny.

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TheDetective Wed 18-May-16 20:25:18

Can anyone help answer a few questions who has experience of registering with ofsted as a nanny.

I'm in the process of registering my babysitter, so she can do nannying for me. I return to work on 4th July, and we started the process in April. The DBS has just come through, and we have found her a paediatric first aid course for 2 weeks time.

Once she has both of these things, how long will it take for her to be registered? Tried asking ofsted, and have had zero help from them.

So thought I'd ask what others who have done it have found it like, and the timeframe etc.

Thanks in advance.

nannynick Wed 18-May-16 22:37:02

Brief Guide to Ofsted Registration as a Home Childcarer/Nanny (should anyone come across this thread and want a general overview)

There is no time period. When I registered many years ago, Ofsted took about 2 weeks. They have a target of 12 weeks but it can take from a couple of weeks to many months, as it depends how fast they get information back from other organisations, in particular social services.

The DBS must be on the update service. This should have already been applied for, if it has not, then do so immediately as there is a very short time period for it to be eligible. Register for DBS Update - cost is £13, payable annually.

TheDetective Wed 18-May-16 22:47:56

Dbs update has been applied for.
I'll go have a look at that link, thank you!
I'm panicking a bit, as it feels like we are doing this in the dark, and there isn't any real help or advice out there!

Ofsted said until the dbs comes through the application with them can not be started. Do you know if the paediatric 1st aid needs to be completed before starting the registration? They didn't tell me that one!

bump6 Wed 18-May-16 23:00:15

Hi, pretty sure your nanny will need first aid certificate to register, as it is a requirement to be ofsted registered.
Also sure that your vouchers will be back dated to when ofsted registration was first applied for.'
Definitely worth calling ofsted to check.
Nanny will also need to apply for nanny insurance as well.
Can I suggest if you aren't already that you offer to pay for her to be registered.
As it would seem that some parents are unaware that for the nanny to pay to be registered doesn't really mean anything for them. It is simply a way for the parents to receive financial help with child care.
Could have it written in contract that if she leaves before year is finished then she has to remunerate you back.
Hope it gets sorted quickly.

Mamagin Sat 04-Jun-16 02:00:01

Glad you saw the bit about the update service on the DBS - I completely missed it for some reason, and now have an expensive piece of paper which is completely useless, and have to start the whole process again.

asg198 Sat 04-Jun-16 08:13:20

When I applied in sept 2014 it took two weeks for my Dbs to come back which I then put on the tracking system as you can't start the ofsted reg process until it is. Ofsted then took 13 weeks to come through, they said the delay was with my local authority check and that had to be chased twice. She will need to send a copy of her first aid certificate to them when she has it but can apply without it as long as she is booked on a course very soon. Once she has applied she will be sent a bill to pay for the registration (most employers pay for this part) and then it will start to go through. Don't forget she will also need nanny insurance and a core skills qualification in order to be able to register.

Jazzhandsandfeet Sat 04-Jun-16 20:58:19

I have a very similar question, I am just beginning the ofsted registration.

I have an online portable dbs.
I need to do a first aid course, is there a particular one?
When I apply online, do I need to send or scan in documents?
What else do I need to do, I have tried to read up but reading this on a phone (no computer atm) makes reading pdfs harder.
And do I need my gp to sign anything off?
I feel like I need the dummies guide for ofsted registration.

Thank you

Jazzhandsandfeet Sat 04-Jun-16 21:00:42

Also can anyone recommend any nanny insurance?

nannynick Sat 04-Jun-16 23:43:14

I have an online portable dbs.

You mean you have an Enhanced DBS which is registered on the Update Service?
Does it say Child Workforce on it anywhere?

I need to do a first aid course, is there a particular one?

It needs to be a Paediatric course. Ask course providers for a course suitable for Ofsted Home Chidcarer Registration. TigerLilly, FirstAidForLife, St.Johns and others do courses.

When I apply online, do I need to send or scan in documents?

No scanning but you may need to send a copy of First Aid certificate at a later point. They may also ask for original DBS check if they have trouble accessing it online.

What else do I need to do, I have tried to read up but reading this on a phone (no computer atm) makes reading pdfs harder.

You need to fill in form CR1.
You need to have Common Core Skills or Level2+ childcare training.
You need nanny insurance

And do I need my gp to sign anything off?
No, not unless Ofsted specifically requests a health check.

Insurance is available from various places. I like have it for Gold members.

Jazzhandsandfeet Sun 05-Jun-16 14:31:19

Thank you nanny nick, that is very helpful, especially answering each question. I do have an enhanced dbs but I need to check about child workforce.

Does being a qualified teacher with qts help, as in would I still have to do the common core skills.

I probably will ask a few more questions as I start to apply but thank you. It looks like a lot but I actually imagined there to be even more to fill out

nannynick Sun 05-Jun-16 16:47:57

You would need to ask DfE or Ofsted about QTS. I suspect you would be best doing Common Core to be sure.
Try looking on the early years qualification list - if you are a reception class teacher then it may be ok.

If Ofsted can't accept the DBS you would need to get another, will just delay the process a while.

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